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Eleventh Night

Gabe: "The FBI think it was Sofia, but I don't."
Robert: "Really, who do you think did it?"
Gabe: "Promise not to get mad, okay?"


Joanna: "That was so tiring, receiving jewelry and standing around like that! My dogs are barking! If that's what it's like being a character on the show I'm supposedly the protagonist of, you can keep it."

Sofia on TV: "...Just cuddling in bed with my husband, not even considering the fact that our daughter might be getting murdered in several different spots around town all night..."
Mia: "That is such a lie. She was high as fuck and we had to put her in her bed."
Joanna: "Where was your dad when you were doing that incredibly sad thing?"
Mia: "They fought so he was going to that blonde assistant-lady's house."
Joanna: "Did he pack a suitcase?"
Mia: "Yeah, that's what you do when you're going somewhere overnight."
Joanna: "What kind of suitcase? Bigger than a breadbox? Big enough for a person to fit in there, if you folded her up?"
Mia: "Yeah, it was oddly huge because this show makes no sense."
Joanna: "Did you help him put anything in there? Like maybe a lady?"


Gabe: "Anyway, we have the suitcase so we're going to get you for murders."
Robert: "Why are you telling me this in this way? I'm Victor Garber, I'm a hunk and you're like five foot nothing, and we're dangling over the cityscape like this..."
Gabe: "The important thing is that if you give me more money, I will destroy the suitcase linking you to the murder of your own daughter."


Joanna: "Mia saw him with a suitcase, so obviously he killed her down in the wine cellar and then folded her up in a suitcase and managed to take her back to the exact same motel room she'd been staying at an hour earlier. Then I guess he made her dead body snort a bunch of heroin."
Everybody: "But how come?"


Vivian: "Can I talk to you for a second?"
Robert: "Can I kill you for eternity?"

That's it, that's the whole flashback. Why did he kill her? Who cares? Why did any of this happen? Who cares? She was like, "I need to talk to you about how I am going to destroy our family fortunes and company, is that okay with you" and he was like, "Sadly, no."

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