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Eleventh Night


Julian, literally verbatim: "She signed an advance directive. She has no brain function."
Edward: "I know, I know. Of all the characters on this show I am the one with the most capability of pulling the plug on my wife. It's not like I can call somebody else in to do it. No, the important thing is that she dies here, among strangers and people she hardly knows, rather than on the same coast of the United States as our daughters."

Joanna: "How's Edward?"
Julian, also verbatim: "Shut down, walled off... you know, the same -- only worse."
Joanna: "You're funny when you're unsympathetic. Listen, are we..."
Julian: "Move in with me!"
Joanna: "Wow, I can't believe after eleven episodes you still have a red flag left."
Julian: "And I can't believe after eleven episodes of my bullshit, you'll probably still go through with it!"
Joanna: "We are truly the perfect couple."

Couple of what.


Lady: "Will, Mayor Bloomberg cannot wait to have a drink with you before your celebratory dinner. This is because he does not know about your personality yet."
Joanna: "Remember that conversation we literally just had two scenes ago?"
Will: "Apparently not?"
Joanna: "Let's run through it one more time."

They do. It takes even longer this time.

Will: "I don't know how you're not getting this, but I do not give a flying fuck who killed Vivian. I have been incredibly clear about that since the outset. All I wanted to do was solve some nebulous grudge against the Bowers family. I have done that. It ruined everything for everybody. My job here is done."
Joanna: "Okay, but allow me to explain how dumb this show is. Audrey Cruz would not have killed Vivian, because she hadn't done her job yet. It took Edward randomly getting clunked over the head by poor sexy dead Ben Preswick -- and me walking down a hallway and learning about USB drives -- in order to complete the job. A line of synchronicities and bullshit so tenuous Audrey would have saved Vivian's life herself, if she'd had to."

Will: "You're right, this show is dumb. You have the weekend before you have to go back to San Francisco."
Joanna: "Uh, says who? You? As my master, my former employee or my ex? Under which of your many positions of non-authority are you issuing that order?"

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