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Eleventh Night

Gabe, kinda awesomely: "You wanna know who saw something at that disgusting motel? This lady saw a bunch of man junk: She's a strung-out hooker. This guy, committed to County, says he's got a bunch of cockroaches crawling under his skin. Sound witness! And this guy, crackhead dumpster diver, all he wanted to talk about was his brand-new suitcase. So there you have it. Knee-deep in whack jobs."

If I was still in my Blue's Clues phase, you bet your ass "suitcase" would be going right in my Handy-Dandy Notebook. But I can't hate on it, because at least they put this bitter exposition pill inside some of the clever dialogue they never seem to lean on as much as they should.

Joanna: "Oh, not to mention the guy that tried to rape Mia last week and gave her all that hilarious heroin. Luckily, I stole his wallet because fuck that guy."
Gabe: "That is lucky! Like, it's totally stupid how you would never do that, and yet did, is how lucky."


Robert: "Edward, how are you? I mean, besides the obvious."
Edward: "Well, my wife is brain dead and I never much liked my kids..."
Robert: "Honey, I have been there. Nobody resented their kids more than me after I murdered your mother. Please just come on home."
Edward: "I still have some residual bitchiness left over, but just as soon as I'm done with that. Oh and doing worse shit than almost anybody else on this show."


Heroin Rape Guy: "Twist! I actually have a normal family and a job. Drugging and raping children is just my hobby. Keeps it loose."
Joanna: "That's so stupid I don't even feel like commenting on it. Now, jack your scenes up with a lot of colorful detail and weirdness so we don't notice this whole thing is total filler."

He does. The gist is that only he can know that Vivian left her motel room at some point -- disappointing him, because he was planning on drugging and raping her, because that is his main deal in life -- but so then how did she end up back there? And where did she go?


Listens to the wire of Audrey confessing to every murder but Vivian's -- over and over -- because God forbid he do anything in his job that Joanna doesn't explicitly tell him to do, and then we learn that Edward's assassin that kept letting him go and then killed his wife and we will never know why or whence any of this, is down in holding and ready for a lineup.

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