Nothing's Free, Little Girl

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I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good


Will: "I brought you a burrito! Just like in San Francisco, where there are burritos!"
Joanna: "This is delicious! And quite an advanced test of my ability to be beautiful at all times, so thanks for that."
Will: "I know you're gonna be mad that I took a run at Edward, since it neutralizes me and burns this entire operation if we're ever seen together in this densely populated city full of paranoia and private investigators and phones. But I did find out that Edward was out spying on his boring daughters the night his sister died."
Joanna: "Meanwhile I found out that Bowers R&D is password protected, and I know the FBI doesn't have any way of helping me with that."
Will: "We also can't manage to locate this clearly photographed baby daddy from the pregnant sex tape you found, or identify him. And only 48 hours to go!"
Joanna, almost verbatim: "It is hard to pretend to be somebody else and lie to people you care about."
Will: "This episode makes the show seem like maybe it's just the Duplo to Homeland's Lego."


Mia: "Oh man, are you really putting everything of Vivian's in the Goodwill truck?"
Sofia: "At least I didn't give it to those homophobic assholes at Salvation Army. What, what's the problem now. You want us all to Havisham ourselves to death in the Vivian Bowers Memorial Museum of Death?"
Mia: "I feel like you're glad she's dead. Vivian always said you were horrible."

Flashback! Vivian was like, "I wanna tell Mia she's my daughter!" and Sofia was like, "Fuck you on that one, because first of all you've been sober for five minutes, and second of all that's pretty much taking away my daughter from me, if you do it now. And maybe it will make her crazy and hate me, and she's the only thing I really like very much. Well, I guess I have to kill you."


Hannah: "Sofia, I just let myself into this mansion like people are constantly doing because I need to tell you something."
Sofia: "Oh, gross."
Hannah: "Robert and I. Have been having. An Affair!"
Sofia: (Breaks into sobs near a credenza.)
Hannah: (Grossly -- and inevitably -- thinks she is victorious for a sec.)

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