Nothing's Free, Little Girl

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I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good

Sofia: "One of these days you're going to sleep with a smart one and then God help us all. Keep fishing from the shallow end, baby."

Sofia, you are a dream given life. I love you so much.

Sofia: "I have never tried to domesticate you! But pay me the respect I deserve. I know what people say about me, but I have earned every motherfucking cent."
Robert: "It has been taken care of."
Sofia: "Strongly worded letter taken care of or murder taken care of? You know what, fuck it. I don't even care anymore. We are some compromised cocksuckers in this family."


Will: "I'm Will, I'm looking for your sister, Hannah?"
Brother: "I'm her dreamy brother. Try not to get lost in my eyes."
Will: "When you see her, could you have her call me?"
Brother: "I guess so, dude."
Will: "You like sports? That's so weird, so do I. Did play for St. John's a couple of years back?"
Brother: "Yes. I've been playing in Europe for a few years but I might get picked up by the Nets. Assuming nobody breaks my kneecaps in a sec."
Will: "I care so much about this! Men who love sports are unfathomable. Good day to you, sir."

Hannah's chilling out in the loft of his apartment, inches out of Will's line of sight.

Brother: "What are you even doing? That was a very nice man."


Where Joanna just tends to park her POS wherever she damn well feels like it, I've noticed.

Joanna: "So his first name is Ben, but that's all I've got."
Will: "Hannah's coming in to talk to me tomorrow, which is just under deadline. But we still need an ID on at least the baby daddy or the whistleblower. As I've mentioned in every scene thus far where we have spoken."
Joanna: "Okay, but I have to go. I hear gunshots!"


Joanna comes running onto the shooting range directly in the line of fire, being a trained police officer. Edward is appalled.

Edward: "Are you nuts? Also, you hear gunshots and you run toward them?"
Joanna: "I guess I'm just amazing."
Edward: "Want to join me? In shooting guns? Be aware that it's a whole sequence, so we could be here talking for a while."
Joanna: "That jerk at the game was really out of line. It must be awful, this Kimberly Yaeger stuff being stirred up..."

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