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I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good

Result: Whistleblower Guy and Baby Daddy Guy? Same Guy. Same Ben Preswick. "We get him, and we've got everything."


Robert catches Mia running down into the garden and catches up with her.

Robert: "It occurs to me that you're the only one who's been behaving with any maturity. I know from experience that a lot of harm can come from not talking about difficult things..."
Mia: "It's impossible because I don't want you to be sad or start quoting Goodnight Moon or whatever, but also I want very badly to remember her. She was awesome towards the end and it seems like nobody really noticed."
Robert: "Your sister-mother was a wonderful, captivating, funny, beautiful girl and we can talk about her any time you'd like to."

As long as Sofia's not around, because that bitch don't play.


Julian: "Joanna! Will you be my clambake date?"
Joanna: "Are you going to behave yourself?"
Julian: "I'm sober currently. Look, I'm really sorry about being such an asshole last night. And to make it better, here's something to make it worse."

A silver Mercedes convertible, which is for her. Which is gross, and not something she should be accepting -- "This is totally disrespectful," she spits, which is a surprising but actually perfect word choice -- but I guess this is The Part Where She Forgets There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch, Baby Girl, so she just stands there seeming poleaxed. Well on her way to being bought/fooled by these people, with more and more expensive/compromising gifts they don't even themselves know are bribes, so that their inevitable circling-the-wagons betrayal will piss us off even more than it might anyway.

And the music gets goofy, and Julian gets goofy, and the whole thing becomes itself predicated on fooling you into thinking that this scene makes sense, when really it's just so short and weird and unsuitable that to make the larger point, they had to hammer it in and distract you with other stuff going on. Still going with it, though.

As long as you can see the intent and the effort, the execution can suffer a little bit. I mean, obviously excellence is the goal, as it always is and should be, but there are plenty of shows that are just straight-up indecipherably crappy, so a show like this, which in its second episode maybe asks for your assistance or at least for you to avert your eyes, eh. Fine. I like it a lot, and I feel lucky to have drawn this assignment because I don't know that I would have seen this show otherwise. But the heart and the head are in the right place; the class issues are pragmatically and compassionately told, which is a continual surprise, the characters have great depth without seeming overbearing given the tone, and the dialogue is on occasion brilliant, and all that means a lot to me.

Also: Sofia.

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