Nothing’s Free, Little Girl

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I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good

Rayburn: "Where did you get this car? It does not function."
Joanna: "I bought it on Craigslist. I was in kind of a hurry to get away from my fictional abusive husband."
Rayburn: "And now you are working for Mr. Bowers, right?"
Joanna: "You are up on all the latest news and trends."
Rayburn: "Well, once you get back on your feet, use them. Don't let the door hit ya, I'm saying. Maybe to be comforting, maybe to be a dick."
Joanna: "It's been nice talking to you, I guess."

Julian runs up in his running shorts. That boy is always running, both literally and also figuratively into the arms of sluts and drugs. As was prophesied by his brother just a few minutes ago and as we shortly shall see for ourselves.

Julian: "Do you need a ride to the train station to your job? I am currently sober."


Joanna: "Thanks for the ride! First day at work."
Julian: "Let me just wrap my hands around your throat... just kidding, I was fixing your necklace. Just kidding, I was hitting on you even though you don't have time right now for the obvious living trainwreck I clearly am."
Joanna: "I feel like Carrie Mathison. When I fuck you, which obviously that's happening, will it be because of my job? Or because I am into danger? Or because of sex?"
Julian: "Probably all three. I'm going to run around the city now, until something untoward happens or I run out of steam. Or also if I can find cocaine."


We talk for a while about all the things about the cancer drug Lyritrol, which for these people they filmed a year ago so they need to remember, but we just learned all about fairly recently. It's FBI Will, Detective Gabe and the mean man who obstructs them at every turn, Miles Straume. What do you call the guy in the police station that won't ever let anybody do anything and they have to beg or show him proof? The Constable? The "Commish"? I don't know how anything works. In some ways I am a grown-ass man, but this is not one of them. DCI Miles Straume.

The Commish: "Why do I care about Lyritrol?"
Will: "Oh my God, did you not even watch the pilot? Remy Colville the scruffy paparazzo. Got whacked!"
DCI Leung: "He had numerous DUIs. His car ended up in the river. Case closed!"

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