Nothing's Free, Little Girl

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I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good

Will: "We've got three days to find out who Vivian's contact was..."
Joanna: "I'm also concerned about who fathered her child. The one you didn't tell me about, for no real reason."
Will: "I don't know if you know this already, but you've got to get as close to the family as you can as quickly as you can, especially Edward, because he gives Gabe in particular the creeps. Hey, just out of curiosity, why did you leave New York and go to San Francisco and create a life apparently entirely off the grid?"

Flashback: Ouch! Her mom totally found her fucking Julian and I guess just shipped her out. I guess this would have been around the time Vivian was being also shipped off to that fake rehab to have Mia? I wonder if it matters.

Joanna: "My mom said I was becoming too much like them. She said there's a price to their generosity. Nothing's ever free, baby girl. Remember that. Ironically, she now has end-stage Alzheimer's."
Will: "Yeah, they are pretty awful. Anyway, have fun at pretend work!"


Joanna: "Where is Research & Development?"
Rude Hannah: "New girl who's replacing me, don't worry about it. You're here to answer the phone. Also, they're offsite. Also, I am about to start major fucking drama."
Robert arrives.
Rude Hannah: "You settle in. Back in a jiff."


Rude Hanna: "You're moving me to Chicago to be an Associate Copy Editor?"
Robert: "Girl, I don't have time for you anymore. We broke up months ago, and you're frankly an ass-ache."
Self-Respecting Hannah: "I put in time! With the company! With you! On my back, if I'm not making myself clear! And I... I have seen things."
Robert: "...Now you've got my attention. 'Things' like what? Me having you killed? Because keep talking."
Stupid Hannah: "You worked late that night. Your son called three times, very upset, and you had a heated conversation. Interesting, no? Especially how I'm being vague about which son?"
Robert: "For serious, though, I don't have time for this. You're threatening my family now. If you've 'seen things' then you know how well I react to that."
Gross Hannah: "This conversation isn't over, Robert. I am owed!"

Robert: "Goddamn pain in my ass, you've seen things. Jesus Christ, Robert. What do you get yourself into. Cut off your dick and save you the trouble, with these..."

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