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Robert: "I don't have time for this. Those balls won't whack themselves."

It goes on, I'm not even really exaggerating how blatantly Robert refuses to answer this very basic, life-foundation question. Can you imagine? I can't, because it's ludicrous, but it's so weird to think about. Like he's doing the "time" either way, but then really he isn't, it's just media scrutiny and everybody thinking he's crazy so then did he get away with it? Or maybe he didn't do it at all and this is just a many-layered onion of WTF that he has to deal with and never know for sure. I mean, if you were an actor playing this part how would you go about understanding this man, you know?

"I made a bad situation go away so that you could become who you are. Don't let one vicious comment from a man with his own agenda destroy that, I'm begging you. I'll handle Dwight Haverstock. Don't you worry. Don't you worry about anything."


Julian, cooking: "[Names all of the foods he can think of. It's a long list; it takes a while.]
Joanna: "Are all of these foods you're naming part of this meal? Or are you just stuck in a loop or..."

Will: "Man, I hate it when people name foods. That is the most obnoxious fucking thing. I think I wrote that in my blog one time, rather than just coming up with it now to have something to bitch about."
Gabe: "Maybe. Maybe you did. You know what's weird? This strange homeless FBI person that just came into our van has evidence that Will's timeline doesn't work out."

They name all of the streets and neighborhoods in all of the five boroughs of New York City. That's a long list too; it also takes a while. The point is that Julian didn't actually go straight home, like he said on Date #2, after losing track of Vivian's journey into oncoming highway traffic.

Joanna: "There sure is a lot of food in your refrigerator."
Julian: "I wanted dinner to be perfect for you, so I covered the bases."

The cops continue to talk about roads and neighborhoods. Did he lie? Yes he did. Is there a way to tell Joanna that? Not really, because she is on a date. A date with danger!

Julian, verbatim: "Before I got here this afternoon, I hadn't been here in so long the only thing in there was beer and month-old pad thai that screamed when I threw it away."
Joanna, immediately: "You said you came here the night Vivian died, though."

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