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Mia: "I may have flaked on an interview with the Times today."
Sofia: "I'm aware."
Mia: "It is my belief that he overreacted."
Sofia: "Is this about the boy on the motorcycle? This 'Kyle'?"
Mia: "It is about two things. First, yes, I should be grounded for lying and being disrespectful and abusive of popcorn."
Sofia: "Oh, I heard. Calpurnia had much to say on the subject of your kitchen mess."
Mia: "But two, Dad can't just rule out Kyle altogether. He has no right!"
Sofia: "Based on one isolated incident, you're saying."
Mia: "Yeah, because..."
Sofia: "I see your point. And my clutch is gone, forevermore. Remind me to fire Calpurnia. Now you and I have a date tomorrow, to go shopping for a new python clutch. And at that time, we will talk strategy. On the condition that you let the subject go until then and also fetch Mommy a chilled glass of Chardonnay."

Which, I don't know how you grew up, but that is clearly an entire agenda that just formed in Sofia's head: She can take the kid Kyle's temperature, talk Robert down, look like a total peacemaker and most of all get Mia to think her alliances are with Mia and against Robert. I love Sofia, but I do not like parents making deals. At all.

Firstly because you need a united front for any kind of authority to work -- which is not about your ego anyway, it's about providing your children with care and guidance -- and second of all because it doesn't benefit the children, who are not in a position to make those kinds of deals. It's asymmetric from the get-go, it blurs the lines and is done wholly by the weak and the manipulative. Never side against your spouse -- it's a creepshow and you're doing it for creepshow reasons. Bad Sofia!

...I forgive you, girl.


Joanna and Julian have a boring talk about pickup lines that doesn't really go anywhere, and it's all clich├ęs and they're just so boring, and then Joanna starts to push him. It's real subtle, watch:

Joanna: "'Do you have any Irish in you? Do you want some?' That's usually the kind of thing that would bring your slut sister down."
Julian: "I am not hugely comfortable talking about my sister getting fucked."
Joanna: "How about talking about how murdered she was?"
Julian: "It makes me sad, but being sad makes me drink. So let's drink."

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