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"Where Are You Going? You Have No Pants!"


Edward is just sitting in Joanna's area -- I like to think of it as a wing she has to herself, but all you see is this giant intense oil painting of a rainbow storm and the stairs she's constantly going up and down -- when she finally gets back to homebase.

Edward: "What are the odds of me also creeping around in the middle of the night?"
Joanna: "Oh my God it's like four AM. We killed an entire bottle of wine starting at like two. What are you doing."
Edward: "What are you doing? Trying to get knocked up by Julian, write a story for Vanity Fair, what?"
Joanna: "First of all, awful. Second of all, I came for the funeral, because I love your sister and your entire family."
Edward: "Then where the fuck have you been? That girl was a trainwreck. A seventeen-year-long slow-motion car accident. By the end, she was surrounded by parasites, she really could have used a friend."

He gets real up in her shit and it is scary.

Edward: "I had a rough patch myself a few years back, maybe you read about it. Where were you then, when I was maybe raping and murdering people?"
Joanna: "I don't see the relevance of that, except to be super creepy."
Edward: "My father is blind with grief. But I don't feel feelings, except for mistrust. Of you."
Joanna: "Tough talk from a forty-year-old boomerang slacker. Go to bed, fucko."


After a night spent wondering when -- not if -- Edward Bowers is going to break into her bedroom and strangle her to death, Joanna's interest in solving this crime can only increase. She calls the Beacon Of Change to ask about a "ward" who was there at precisely the moment that Mia was getting born. Does not put it together yet.

Mia gets home, all flawless-mess as usual. Joanna is concerned, but has learned wariness.

Mia: "What was Vivian like, when she was my age?"
Joanna: "Coolest girl in the world."
Mia: "That's what I thought. It's possible I am stoned out of my mind, so if you have any questions..."
Joanna: "That bro still bothering you?"
Mia: "Really, don't worry about it. He's just some guy Vivian knew. He showed me pictures of my dad with his skanky assistant, and like some even worse stuff..."
Joanna: "That's new information. Give me more. What worse stuff?"

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