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"Where Are You Going? You Have No Pants!"

Robert recites from memory a few couplets from a book she loved when she was a kid -- basically it's Love You Forever, but nobody can even talk about that book without crying anyway, so it's a fictional analogue -- and then heads into the big finish:

"I was so sick of that story! She was always like that, she wanted one more of everything. One more run down the ski slope. One more minute in the museum. One more friend over. Later that same appetite that made her so much fun to be around ended up being what took her from us... But today I remember the girl who wanted to take in as much life as she could..."

Very dramatic. Meanwhile, everybody is staring at everybody else. Mia comes in and Sofia stares at her. Edward is lurking in the back of the room staring -- and possibly having a specific clue-related thought at the mention of skiing or museums -- while Julian goes back and forth between feeling awkward with Joanna and staring at Mia, who finally just breaks down crying.

Against the wall, with Sofia and presumably other relations who don't warrant a seat, stand Edward's ex and their two daughters. Julian goes to Mia while Joanna sticks around staring at everybody and wondering whether Edward is crying because of his dead sister or because he feels conflicted about beating her up and giving her an overdose.


Vivian: "Funerals are the worst!"
Joanna: "I know but let's go to the funeral. Because your mom is dead."
Vivian: "Hang on, I have to eat all of my dead mother's Xanax."
Joanna: "Oh boy."


The FBI team, in their little van, runs and turns on the mic when Joanna approaches Robert for some condoling/grifting. The main one who will be in the van is named Gabe. He is wee and super cute, and arrogant in a way FBI wiretap people on TV tend to be. We won't actually be very much around him for a while, but by the end he seems like an important character to know.

Joanna: "Sorry about your dead daughter."
Robert: "Glad you came. What have you been up to, while Vivian was pissing up a rope?"
Joanna: "Not becoming a cop, that's for sure. Actually, I have been getting beat. Just like your dead daughter, but like all the time."
Robert: "Oh my God, why didn't you reach out to our family that you barely know?"
Joanna: "Well, that answered itself. I can play on your sympathies, though, by telling a made up story about how the last time he hit me, I got strength from imagining what Vivian would say."

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