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"Where Are You Going? You Have No Pants!"

Robert: "The one time I tried spanking her, she threatened to call the cops. She was four."

They cry and whatever, who knows how much of any of this is real, Robert finally offers her dinner, which makes Will pump his arm in the air, because he does not actually give a shit about these people. Which makes for an interesting dynamic, having just come off Homeland where half the game is figuring out exactly how much of a shit you actually give vs. how much of a shit you have to pretend to give. I can't decide if Joanna will be better or worse at that game than Carrie Mathison, especially since Carrie Mathison is both the Best and the Worst at it, at the same time.


Edward's ex-wife Samantha (Bowers, note) is played by Marin Hinkle, who I just love.

Samantha: "That was a super awkward dinner, but I have to go back to our house now. Our younger daughter Lily doesn't eat people food yet, and Hunter has accelerated Spanish in the morning..."
Sofia, verbatim: "Yes, we know. She's very advanced."

Which is either just blindly firing into the crowd, which is awesome, or she's calling Hunter a teenage whore, which is also pretty awesome in this context. With Sofia she says everything in such an amazing way it could be both, or either, or some new thing you are not awesome enough to even comprehend. Either way, it finds its mark.

Edward: "I'll walk you out."
Samantha: "I'm good."
Edward: "How about if I squeeze your arm real scary? Will that reconcile our marriage?"
Samantha: "That is the opposite of how that works, actually. Later, bitches."

Sofia: "She still seeing that psychiatrist?"
Edward: "Fuck off, sea hag."
Julian: "Hey, Joanna. What are your plans after this awkward dinner?"
Joanna: "I think I'll stay in New York and get a job. Do you know of any jobs that are not being a policewoman? Because that is one thing I have no experience in."

Robert: "Maybe it's because I'm drunk, but probably it's because I am grief-stricken and looking for a young woman to replace my dead daughter, but how about you stay with us?"
Mia: "Vivian will still be dead, stupid."
Edward: "Yeah, I agree this is a bad idea. I have like fifty sketchy things going on as a guest of this house, I don't know if we can fit Joanna's obvious million problems too."

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