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"Where Are You Going? You Have No Pants!"

Samantha: "Look, Hunter's 'advanced' enough to use Google to look up your rapes and murders, okay? She knows about Kimberly Yaeger..."
Edward: "Then we will sit her down, and explain -- like parents, like adults -- that Kimberly Yaeger was a little slut who was asking for it.* Problem solved."
Samantha: "Maybe I will just run away with our kids to California, if you don't let me talk to the police. Everything is too weird and I am too crazy to deal with it. It's not even about money anymore."
Edward: "The second we figure out your connection to this mystery and you have no worth to the plotline, I am killing the shit out of you!"


Joanna knocks over some potting shed stuff, like a trowel or something, but teleports away before Edward can investigate. Or maybe she is in a stable and knocks over a shovel or a... I don't know about rich people houses, I just know she knocked shit over.


Will: "Nothing, what are you doing?
Joanna: "Going through Vivian's medicine cabinet to figure out things about Vivian, such as that bitch was doing all of the drugs there are. Everybody is off doing their things. Julian and Robert are at work, Edward's off doing whatever creepster things in a Mercedes, Sofia is abusing her server at the Club probably or the spa, or getting her mammogram finally, and Mia is at school. I was wondering if you think maybe Vivian got punched by somebody wearing a ring?"
Will: "Maybe? It made three puncture wounds, you know, like a ring would."

Joanna finds a yearbook with Vivian herself sharpied out. And then at the page of the school ski trip -- yep, I thought that was going to come back -- she finds a picture of Mia, at 28 months. (Which obviously means we're in Chinatown, but Joanna's not there yet.) Also sharpied up is Vivian's mirror, which has crazy-person writing all over it. Joanna flashbacks to a secret hiding place on the roof where they would hide things for each other. Guess what, there's a USB fob in there.


Is chasing a bro out of the house when Joanna comes back in off the roof. He is wearing a knit boonie and a knapsack and a cute beard, so obviously he is a hacker or a paparazzo or something.

Mia: "Friggin' back off! I don't know anything, I shouldn't have called you..."
Joanna: "Everything okay? I'm just asking, not because I'm a cop or anything."

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