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An Aching Kind Of Growing

Robert: "Julian, you go to the press and tell them your brother has lost it..."
Boardmember: "And remind them he raped and strangled a girl, that should do it."
Robert: "Don't be tacky! Julian, just go lie to the press. Or else you are fired."

Joanna: "How is your morning going?"
Julian: "Pretty bad. This could really do a number on my daddy issues."
Joanna: "Honey, you're too stupid to be blamed for any of this. We both know that."
Julian: "Thank you. That means a lot. Hey, you know how to regulate your heartbeat, right?"
Joanna: "Why does everybody think that's a thing? I'm just going to gobble pills."
Julian: "I mean, only if you have something to hide. Or just for fun, like a Bowers would."

Polygraph Guy: "Is your name Joanna Padget?"
Joanna: "Mmmmrhh."
Polygraph Guy: "Are you Robert Bowers's assistant?"
Joanna: "Bleurghhh."
Polygraph Guy: "Have you ever met a person by the name of Ben Preswick?"
Joanna: "Sshhmaaaaa."


Mia: "Your d├ęcor is primitive indeed. You seem like a real man's man."
Senator: "Bad day to be a Bowers, huh?"
Mia: "Bitch, how is that different from any other day?"
Senator: "Good point. Let's have lunch and bond through our shared acidic cynicism."


Mia: "Second wife, no kids, fake tan. I can tell by her big stupid ring, her non-childbearing hips, and um, she's orange."
Senator: "You get your bitchiness from me! My turn. That guy is entitled, needs money from mommy to bail him out after a bad business deal."
Mia: "Hilarious! Oh, check out the giant, hairy narcissist who's pretending to be interested in his illegitimate daughter, when all he really wants is... What?"

You would have to know Mia's way of keeping her wits about her to understand how this verbal zigzag comes off as super charming, but it does.

Senator: "Wow, shit just got real. Okay, I need a bone marrow transplant for my leukemia."
Mia: "I love that we can just chat about this stuff. But you know that if I am a match, I still have to get Sofia and Robert to sign off, right? Because I am a child?"
Senator: "I've got a golf club in my office says that won't be a problem."


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