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An Aching Kind Of Growing

Robert: "Can I ask you something?"
Edward: "Look, sorry if it ruined your day, but... I tried to tell you and Julian, and you both acted real sketchy and mean about it."
Robert: "I am so sick of explaining to you guys that this is just my face. I don't blink when you say things like this for the same reason I am an amazing businessperson."
Edward: "Not a skill I want or need. Listen, did you even look into it when I brought it up?"
Robert: "In a way. I mean, I 'looked into' your sources..."
Edward: "I don't mean killing, I mean actual research. But on that note, did you kill my sister?"
Robert: "That's not the issue here! The issues is, you are a pussy. Get out."
Edward: "That's not an answer. Like, at all."
Robert: "You are so grounded!"

Robert: "Joanna, I want you to cash this check and take a bucket of dollars over to a place that will artificially inflate our stock prices until we get to market."
Joanna: "That checks out, sure. I'll run it right over."

Joanna is then immediately -- and coincidentally -- kidnapped by the Russian Mafia, on the way to the securities fraud place. In the grand tradition of Undercover Joanna, she's like, "The first thing I need you to know is that I'm an undercover cop. Does that set you at ease?" Maybe she's still high, though. This episode -- hell, the entire show -- makes a lot more sense if you just assume she's stoned to the eyeballs the entire time.


Julian: "Why didn't you tell me all this stuff?"
Edward: "I did. You palmed my face like a basketball."
Julian: "No, I mean, now I have to read."
Edward: "The fact that we've spent this entire show finding newer, more corrupt ways to circumvent the FDA, that didn't ring any alarms for you?"
Julian: "Not until I was literally bribing the FDA did I notice what was happening, but I just thought it was because dad was being so mean and unreasonable to the guy who raped our sister."
Edward: "You really are an idiot, aren't you?"
Julian: "And you're just doing this for attention!"
Edward: "Exactly what an idiot would say. Listen, I left out the part where a quarter of the deaths were little kids. I did that as a favor to you."
Julian: "Well. Begrudging thanks."

Julian stupidly wades into a random press conference slash sneak attack of reporters and concerned citizens that has arisen out of nowhere, and so his imminently punchable face is available for an immediate punching from a lady who calls him a monster for giving the people hope of a life without chemo and then taking it away. Julian acts like getting punched by a grandma is the worst thing that has ever happened to a person, and runs off sobbing.

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