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An Aching Kind Of Growing

This whole thing is kind of like East Of Eden, or at least the parts they made into the movie: The tainted brother is actually the well-intentioned one, but the idiot one is the one who produces, and then but what he produces is itself tainted, so Cain and Abel just have to keep clobbering each other, over and over, just to keep up, because Old Testament Robert, he's a fickle kind of dad, and they can't figure out what he wants, because what he want doesn't really have much to do with either of them. Old ladies having younger ladies have their babies for them, like Abraham and Sarah and the whole Handmaid's Tale angle, getting flipped over. And Joanna's like the Book of Ruth, coming into her nonbiological family as a replacement daughter. Somebody got bashed over the head, that's very Biblical. Plus, you know, old guys raping everybody.


Somehow or another Will and Gabe have located the dead Russian guy's car, and after much dicking around inside it they find a mysterious USB drive hidden in one of the car's many secret superspy compartments. They have to rush back, though, when Teo gets brought in for guns and dope, so they can ask him about Sofia.

Will: "Why did Sofia dress up like a cat burglar and bring you a dufflebag of money in Harlem?"
Teo: "It's for protection. Not like a racket, but an actual guy, Wyatt Scott, who is in Pennsylvania jail."
Will: "Why is she paying for some guy in jail to be safe?"
Teo: "That is legitimately not my job. But it is yours."
Will: "Argh! The facts plus my abusive tendencies!"


Senator: "Would you believe the receptionist just let me walk in here? It was mostly my charm, but a box of Congressional M&Ms didn't hurt."
Robert: "I do wish that you were dead."
Senator: "Well, hold that thought. I was talking to Mia..."
Robert: "You motherf..."
Senator: "Shut your mouth! I'm just talkin' 'bout bone marrow, baby."
Robert: "This is a very weird time to be bringing up cancer treatments, Dwight."
Senator: "You said my name! I knew you still loved me."
Robert: "After some mutual grandstanding, let us make a new deal. Your marrow for that golf club."
Senator: "Because you want to protect your family, including Eddie Spaghetti, or because you want to protect your business, by discrediting him?"

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