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An Aching Kind Of Growing


Robert: "Look, people die in drug trials all the time. What is the big deal?"
Lawyer: "These documents are a big deal. Offshore accounts from this shell company..."
Robert: "I have never heard of that company, by the way."
Lawyer: "This is a billion-dollar class action shareholder lawsuit, regardless."
Sofia: "Uh, that's why we have a billion-dollar insurance policy."
Lawyer: "Not if Robert acted illegally. You could even be personally liable."
Sofia: "Wait, we could be poor? That makes me have a thousand accents at once."


Audrey: "The important thing is that you're a good person."
Julian: "Am I though?"
Audrey: "Not the person to ask, admittedly."
Julian: "I've been calling every test site to ask them about this, and they all have no idea about what is going on and I feel like a jerk and..."
Audrey: "Maybe just don't worry about it?"
Julian: "Yeah, because your boss is now going to market uncontested."
Audrey: "Julian, I care about you! Not my job, or how I have been out to ruin your business this entire time secretly. When I say don't feel guilty, maybe it's not because I'm a monster, maybe it's because those people are pretend."
Julian: "I'm going to do whatever I can. Whatever I can do, to make this entirely about me."


Still runnin' around. Eventually she gets nicked, and has to stab the guy in his Russian throat. It's pretty intense. She wakes up in the hospital with horrible Will judging her as she sleeps.

Will, verbatim: "What kind of man would give a woman a half-million cash, and then send her out to go do some kind of shady errand?"
Joanna: "Not to mention what a bad driver I am, as all women are."
Will: "Exactly! Those kind of sums are too important to give a woman."
Joanna: "Do you think Robert will accept that excuse?"
Will: "If he hates women half as much as I -- and you, and this show -- do."

Even as she begs, Will abandons her in the hospital to go cause problems elsewhere.


Motorcycle: "Look, I've been incredibly loyal. But it's all too much now."
Senator: "Motorcycle, you were recruited to save the life of an iconic American Senator!"
Motorcycle, verbatim: "An iconic statutory rapist! I'm done. I am done!"

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