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An Aching Kind Of Growing

Senator: "I don't know what went down between you and Carpet, but you've slept with at least one minor yourself, and transported her across state lines, and broke into a mansion..."
Motorcycle: "I like her. She likes motorcycles, we have a lot in common!"
Senator, with a brutal poetry: "You'll recover, of course. But Mia? She'll start cutting herself, or she'll stop eating, or she'll just fall fast, like a setting sun. Just another Bowers girl gone bad, because she'll know she sent you to jail by going on that road trip in the first place."

First of all, did we not already just kind of assume she was bulimic? And second of all, whoa. I can see him laying it out like that either way, especially given Motorcycle's unquestionable dedication to ol' Mia, but I think we're meant to take away from this that he is a bad motherfucker on the edge of death who has orchestrated like half of this show in order to get that bone marrow. Like he's Voldemort over here, drinkin' that unicorn blood. Bein' mean to teens.


Sofia: "So I hear you've been hanging out with the Senator, discussin' marrow."
Mia: "Are you gonna ground me for that too?"
Sofia: "No, girl. I get it. He's your biological father, and he's awesome. But see, he's also horrible. You don't know about my whole storyline, or how he has each character on this show blackmailed in a different way. He is, quote, worth neither your time nor your bone marrow."
Mia: "Okay, that was awesome. But still, he's a person."
Sofia: "I just wish you'd told us all this was happening."
Mia: "While we're on the subject of sins of omission..."
Sofia: "Yeah, I walked into that one. But take it as an object lesson. Your lies will fuck you, my darling. Fuck you right up the keester."

They have a delightful hug, and Mia heads upstairs -- "Door open, please!" Sofia drunkenly hollers, adorably -- to chat it out with Motorcycle.

Mia: "I mean, maybe my mom's right. Maybe he's a snake."
Motorcycle: "Maybe don't worry about it. Just see if you're a match and then decide."
Mia: "That's rational, and not even that manipulative."
Motorcycle: "This is like the least intense blackmailing of all time. Gently suggesting you do something that also happens to be the right thing to do."

But still, he stares into the darkness while she cuddles against his massive Motorcycle self, as though he has made a deal with the devil and at any moment he could be like, "No! Do not save a life! It feels so good to say this!"

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