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We Don't Want To Wreck But We Can Do A Lot Of Tricks

Nicole: "PS I have followed you to Brooklyn. Nice situational awareness, dummy."


Shelly, the #2 guy involved in the FDA's decisions somehow, is like if Urkel grew up and lost some weight.

Shelly: "I feel like this is sketchy doings."
Julian: "Make no mistake. I am here to buy you off, okay?"
Shelly: "Not okay."
Julian: "What if I pay for your stupid son to go to Yale?"
Shelly: "Then okay."
Julian: "Here is a giant thing of money. Good day, sir."


Mia: "I guess I will talk to you, since you're standing right there losing your mind. Why do you smell like cigarette smoke?"
Sofia: "I don't. Where have you been?"
Mia: "Funeral for my real mom's boyfriend."
Sofia: "You knew she was seeing Ben Preswick? And kept it a secret?"
Mia: "Bitch, don't even."
Sofia: "You're right, that was a weird response. Mommy's very drunk, dear."

Mia: "As long as you understand how vile you are for raising me, with all the wealth and love in the world, to become a pretty awesome person. Do you?"
Sofia: "Kind of, but also do you not remember that your sister was a huge trainwreck?"
Mia: "Maybe she would have stayed clean for me, if you hadn't taken me away from her at birth."
Sofia: "Yes, that kind of burden would have worked out well for you."
Mia: "But not as well for you, right? I'm your meal ticket. You agreed to raise me in return for a marriage to the widowed billionaire?"
Sofia: "You say that like you were convenient for anybody. Not true, even today."

Sofia: "The important thing is that you are in huge trouble. You can't stay at your cool alcoholic uncle/brother's house. You can't date Motorcycle. Everything will suck for you!"
Mia: "Well, that's as simple as me telling you to fuck off."
Sofia: "Oh, is it?"

Apparently not, because Mia is now under house arrest even though she's the only person in the entire house. So I guess probably she should throw a huge party. If you can't take your bullshit on the road, start at home where you can do the most damage. I think that's in a poem by William Butler Yeats.


Haverstock: "Sofia Bowers! How nice to see you at this gross place. May I introduce you to a prostitute?"

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