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We Don't Want To Wreck But We Can Do A Lot Of Tricks

Joanna: "Hey! Crackhead, hey! Anybody use that phone in the last few months?"
Crackhead: "No, because it's a payphone, which means it hasn't worked in about ten years. Sorry, what I meant to say is, give me some money for crack."
Joanna: "Here is some crack money. Now, who uses this phone?"
Crackhead: "The thugs in that bakery. But I refuse to tell you more."
Joanna: "Here is some more crack money. Tell me about this bakery."
Crackhead: "Well, it's clearly a mob front. I don't know why you didn't catch that."


Gabe: "Like everyone on earth, Teo is on Facebook. Let's talk about it."
Will: "Hey, Joanna says that payphone is outside a bakery."
Gabe: "Is it that Russian mafia one?"
Will: "I'm in the FBI, why would I know about mob activity? Or even find it noteworthy?"
Gabe: "If I know Joanna, this is about to erupt into a gunfight for no reason."


Russian: "Do you want to buy some baked goods, or just stand around looking narky?"
Joanna: "Can't I do both?"

They have an admittedly cute moment where she bites into a baked good and the filling splooshes out. And then, as all things must, it's ruined by the arrival of Nicole Frishette.

Nicole: "Hey Joanna, got a minute? To talk about how you're A COP!"
Russian: "What's this now?"
Joanna: "Don't be silly! I'm just a narky-looking lady asking questions and poking around."
Nicole: "No, you're a cop! Haha, why are you being so weird?"

While the Russians become more and more agitated, Joanna does a fair job of trying to get Nicole and herself out of there without bloodshed, but Nicole is too busy being annoying so then the firefight begins. She's almost got Nicole out a bathroom window -- at some point in here she flashes back to the front-register Russian being somewhere, I presume Ben Preswick's safehouse but honestly I have no recollection whatsoever of what she's remembering -- but eventually she's saved when Will randomly shows up and kills the Russians in their bakery. Oh, man. So close to being her best scene since the pilot. But a lady in jeopardy needs a little backup sometimes, I think we can all agree.


Julian: "Gross, what."

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