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But Gabe just doesn't know, man. She was maybe going for a gun or something. You got two near-murders bleeding out on the ground in a confined space, and a chick stabbing people and making those faces she makes, are you gonna fuck around? No, you are gonna shoot Audrey. This is how we make detective. Spoiler alert, he was paid to shoot her by a mysterious personage we will find out in a second, which I am gonna be honest, that shocked me.

This whole thing of Audrey's rampage shocked me, delightedly, and I was in a heightened state, and I do remember registering that Gabe sure did shoot her in a suspicious way, but I thought maybe it was just because he's new or it would get some case thrown out or something. I didn't actually foresee that he was on the take, because I guess I wasn't paying attention earlier in the episode when Robert Bowers came to him privately and was like, "I will give you a great deal of money to shoot Audrey Cruz a hundred times in the back when you go arrest her in a few minutes," but on review I guess that was kind of a clue. Still, well done, show.

Oh, and it was also very awesome during them yelling at each other when Audrey's Sofia-esque response to Julian asking what the hell is going on and how many people has she killed was to holler "This whole thing got out of hand!" That was fucking spectacular. I really came around on old Audrey this week, she really came through. MVP of the episode for sure, just in terms of being fantastic the most times.


"Blowing the whistle on Lyritrol, severing all these ties... it's just scary... [but] the thing that I'm most afraid of is telling Haverstock that it's over. Sometimes I think he'd kill me before he'd let me go."

There's something very Sofia/Audrey about the fact that Vivian delivers these lines straight into the camera. Both in the way that portentous statements such as this should always be delivered into camera, even when you're in therapy and would have zero reason to actually do so beyond general fabulousness, but also very "this show" in the same way, like, of course Joanna's going to lock eyes with video-Vivian and be like, "I hear you. I see what you are saying. Thank you for this time-traveling information in this episode -- the eleventh episode running -- that this person -- the eleventh person running -- is actually the person that killed you."

And then third, it is characteristic of this frankly great show that of course this is the one time that Will, whose favorite thing is accusing everybody of this murder at all times, is such a dick that he won't even hear of it. "Oh, we're not doing that anymore. Refusing to pursue a lead so we can pursue some other arbitrary lead, completely at random? No, that's strictly for every other episode except the one where I found out you slept with Julian, and therefore can just shut the hell up."

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