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Now, we still don't know what happened that night and maybe the point is that we never will, and maybe just the fact of him freely offering himself up is not wholly redemptive (of the thing he may have never even done), but my hope was that Edward would immediately go beat the shit out of Senator Haverstock either way. Because I love him and because that is hilarious.


Joanna: "I know you fired me and I keep doing the opposite of that, but..."
Will: "If you give me a new suspect I won't follow it, no matter how airtight your case is. I'm not interested in solving a murder I already got applause for on the news. Justice is less important to me than my male ego, as I've demonstrated over the last eleven hours and now that you've slept with Julian your information means nothing no matter how factual it is."
Joanna: "Okay, well, I have her on tape saying she was still sleeping with Haverstock, and that he was going to murder her because she was in love with Ben Preswick and carrying his child."
Will: "I just hear a lot of blah-blah-blah. Audrey confessed on that wire!"
Joanna: "To killing Vivian specifically? Or just to killing everybody, generally?"
Will: "Who cares! I win."
Joanna: "Then I'm going rogue."
Will: "You already got fired today. You are already rogue!"


There is a tense sequence hard to relate on the page, where the Hitman stands in Edward's apartment with a gun pointed at the elevator and Edward is also going up in an elevator, and you think aw, just when he was free of a lifetime of shit, but then when the elevator door actually opens, they are two elevators: Edward is at Dwight's office or house, on the warpath, while the hitman ends up shooting Samantha and killing her, unbeknownst to poor Edward.

(Then this is further complicated by the fact that Robert pays off Gabe for having shot Audrey -- in the last scene of the episode, but it makes more sense to mention this now -- and for a moment you might think they're talking about Samantha. They're obviously not, because it's Gabe and not the hitman he pays off, but it still means we don't know who the hitman works for or whether he'll get in trouble for shooting a random lady, instead of Edward, who cannot catch a damn break. It's kind of exciting, in addition to being horrible.)

Edward: "Hey, Dwight! Nice to see you, listen, I took that golf club to the cops and turned myself in."

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