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Dollar Kid/Topside Kid

Will: "For some reason I am going to be cool about this."
Joanna: "Whoa, really?"
Will: "Of course not really. Have we met? You are fired!"
Joanna: "Because you're a jealous, abusive bitch?"
Will: "No, because your feelings might get in the way of this case!"
Joanna: "Um, you mean like yours do every single week? And P.S., my feelings for him are very real. This is not a one-off thing."
Will: "Ugh. Well, I know you're going to keep doing everything exactly like we've been doing, because that is how you are, so really I'm just venting my spleen at this point. Oh, but by the way, have you thought about the fact that Julian's going to dump you the second you explain you've been lying to the family this whole show?"


Robert does his bullheaded best to intimidate Frank and Kirschner-Sims's legal counsel out of taking over his company, which Edward correctly surmised was the entire point of the drug-trial stuff. But as much as Robert is an impressive bullshitter, Frank is still just a little bit better at playing his one "I don't really care, asshole" card he always plays regardless of the circumstance: "Does Bowers make a drug that treats delusions? 'Cause you really should try that."

Bowers Atty: "Robert, please be nice to the people we're all about to be working for. You at least will get the golden parachute, come on. Be cool."
Robert: "NO!"

Robert: "Hey asshole, you know my asshole assistant, right?"
Frank: "No, weirdo. Later."
Joanna: "Why did you think we knew each other?"
Robert: "Just firing blindly into the crowd like a crybaby, as usual."


Frank: "It was so awesome! He just melted down, I've never seen him go that crazy!"
Audrey: "I know how much you love that. Listen, could you give me all my money you owe me, in a lump sum to this offshore account and then never hear from me again?"
Frank: "Wait, what?"
Audrey: "You know, when it's convenient. When it's convenient in the next ten minutes. Because it's gettin' hot up in here and Momma Cruz needs a vacay."
Frank: "Why on earth would that cause me alarm, that my black ops person just totally copped to skipping the country altogether."
Audrey: "Look. I totally murdered a bunch of people. I need to bounce. Don't add yourself to the list by asking questions."

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