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Measuring Up

Off in the break room, Liam is practicing apologies and making tea. Malcolm walks in and overhears him. "Talking to your teabag?" he teases. Dirty! Liam lies about practicing for court later that day and turns things around on Malcolm by noting he looks tired. Malcolm says he has a heavy caseload. "But that's how I stay head and shoulders above the rest." Liam scoffs. Somehow, this leads to them comparing their heights. Liam is 6'2" and Malcolm is 6'3". They bicker about it and go so far as to stand back to back to compare. Hart walks in and calls them out on measuring themselves. He asks them if they remember a train wreck in San Dimas. No casualties, but millions in property damage and lost cargo. Hart says they represent the engineer who's facing criminal charges and 25 years to life. Liam remembers there being drugs in the engineer's system. Hart confirms that, but also notes the guy's a single father with no criminal record or past accidents. Hart says he's looking for a hero to help out. He gives it to the taller man: Malcolm. Liam sulks.

At the university, the board's lawyer is selling a load of hooey to Hannah, Beth and Dylan. She still hasn't heard what the charges are. Beth asks if there are any facts here or is it all speculation and rumor. They say that a steroid accusation was made, so they tested an old blood sample. No steroids were found, but the tests yielded some unusual results so they called for a chromosome analysis. The board says they believe Hannah may actually be a man. Hannah looks stunned. Later, at court, Beth argues that the board behaved unconstitutionally by testing Hannah's blood. The other lawyer argues that Hannah as a scholarship recipient agreed to the terms of that scholarship, which allows testing. Dylan says the tests aren't conclusive. Plus, she can have a Y chromosome and still be a woman. The judge sides with the board on the constitutionality issue, however she says they haven't proven Hannah is a man so her scholarship has to be reinstated. Hannah and her boyfriend hug.

Addy's in her office, reading a file and bouncing on a balance ball for no reason other than to fall off a moment later when Hart walks in and surprises her. Blah, blah, she has weak core muscles, blah. Moving on. Hart has an assignment for her that requires the utmost discretion. It's about Katie the paralegal, who Addy thinks was merely promoted. Hart explains it was after she had an affair with Cliff. Addy is aghast. Hart wants Addy to interview Cliff in order to guard the firm against potential litigation. Addy looks like she'd rather swallow that balance ball, but she forces a smile.

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