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Measuring Up

Malcolm walks into Hart's office to find him talking with Liam. Malcolm says he hit a "minor speed bump" with the DA. Hart says that Liam has come with an idea to help Malcolm's case by attacking on both the criminal and civil fronts. Liam teases that Malcolm's case seemed a "little thin" so he decided to help out. Now they'll go after the shipping company for creating an unsafe work environment as well as continue to defend Douglas Shea. Malcolm says it sounds desperate, but Hart is enthusiastic. He puts Liam on the civil side of the case. Liam gives Malcolm a sly smile and asks, "Who's taller now?"

Addy goes to interview Cliff with a piece of her cake as a peace offering, which Cliff promptly begins to eat without a fork. He just stuffs it into his maw as Addy starts questioning him. Cliff scoffs but Addy stands her ground. We find out he first met Katie when he interviewed her, and his "intimate interactions" with her started some four or five months ago. Cliff does his own little interview of Addy and finds out that women apparently consider anything over three months to be more than a fling. Cliff considers what this means for his chances with his wife and sucks frosting off his fingers. In the hall outside, Rowdy is still roaming around with nothing to do. Upon bumping into Beth, he takes the opportunity to tell her how sorry he is for whatever trouble is between her and Liam. Or, as he calls it, in an exaggerated whisper, their "private little thang." Hee. Beth can't help but immediately tell Rowdy everything about the note and her insecurity about the many women in Liam's past and how she'll never be fresh and new to Liam. Rowdy, the emotional genius, wants to help, but Beth says she wants a boyfriend who can fix his own problems.

Instead of fixing his problems or working on his case, Liam goes up to the roof to shoot some hoops. He finds Malcolm already there, which almost instantly leads to them competing with each other. Also, Mehcad Brooks has insane arms. Holy crap. Malcolm thinks Liam was just out to impress the boss by horning in on the case, but Liam says he just wants to help the client. At the college's tennis court, Beth and Dylan tell Hannah that two out of five of their "experts" concluded she's female, two concluded male and one was undecided. They tell her she's considered "intersex" which, unfortunately, means she doesn't get to keep her female-only scholarship. Hannah breaks down in tears and shouts about the unfairness of it. She runs from the tennis court.

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