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Measuring Up

Liam interviews a string of company robots from the shipping company who all have perfectly coordinated answers. They adhere to federal rules and regs about work hours and they've never, ever had a positive drug test result from their employees. Later, a dejected Liam brings the news to Hart, who tells him the company is obviously hiding something. He tells Liam to keep digging.

Dylan's in his office when Rowdy stops by for a visit. Need any relationship advice? No? Well, then, Rowdy will finally do something sort of legally-related! He tells Dylan that Addy will be by later to ask him questions about Katie. Dylan panics. Rowdy explains about the "ass-covering" the firm needs to do about Cliff's affair and how Addy has been tasked with the job. Rowdy, using a series of funny sounds in lieu of sexual euphemisms, asks if Dylan knew Katie was involved with Cliff. Not till Cliff showed up the night Dylan was at Katie's, he says. The problem is that Cliff says he broke up with Katie, but Dylan says it's the other way around. Boring, boring, boring. Long story short: Dylan understands the firm wants his story to match Cliff's. Rowdy concludes the chat by breaking out a juggling routine for some unknown reason.

Up on the roof, Liam and Malcolm are playing a little one-on-one again. They're both exhausted and sweaty but don't want to admit it. They finally stop when Liam gets a text message from the lab saying there's something suspicious about the employees' samples. Downstairs, Beth and Dylan are going over their case with Susan, trying to figure out what they can do. They bat around different ideas until Beth mentions that Hannah's gynecologist said she's infertile. This gives Dylan an idea for a new legal angle. Instead of sharing his idea with the others, he grabs the file and... runs off.

Some time after recovering from their basketball shenanigans, Liam and Malcolm confront the shipping company lawyers about the funky drug tests. Turns out all the samples came from the same person. The other side tries to bullshit their way out of it, but the good guys show them the facts. Time for the company to come clean about hiding their employees' use of stimulants. They offer to settle for $600,000 and no admission of guilt, the records are sealed and they can't use their findings in future court cases. Malcolm and Liam give each other surprised smiles.

At the college, Susan and her first-years lay the smackdown on the board. Hannah's infertility results from a "birth defect" and gives her protection under the Americans With Disabilities Act. The board scoffs, but Beth points out they'll be known as the school that discriminates against people with disabilities. All Hannah wants is what she was promised: an education. The board looks like they've all come down with a raging case of constipation. Back at the firm, Malcolm talks to Doug Shea about the settlement offer. $600,000 sounds good, but Doug would still end up in jail and his son would end up in foster care. Malcolm says he might be able to go to the DA and ask for a reduced sentence. Doug tells Malcolm he doesn't want the money. "Just keep me out of jail," he says. Malcolm nods.

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Deep End




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