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Beth walks into Liam's office, right into the middle of Liam's staged "apology" to a woman he's somehow persuaded to take the blame for writing the dirty letter. Beth is not swayed, though, since the woman Liam was talking to is a lesbian with a wife. Rowdy walks by and gets involved once again. He tells Beth that Liam really cares for her, despite being with many women. He tells Liam that Beth is worth the effort and energy. He commands them to work it out. But if they work it out, what will Rowdy do in future episodes? Liam admits to Beth it was just wishful thinking on his part that Beth would write such a letter. Beth, forgiving him, suggests a little "afternoon delight" later. It's not like y'all have any work to do, right?

Over drinks later, Dylan and Addy talk about the interviews. Dylan tells her he hasn't decided what he's going to say yet. Sweet, naïve Addy says, "You don't get to 'decide' what to say." Dylan tells her it's complicated, but Addy is upset that Dylan is apparently playing office politics. She finishes her drink and storms off.

Malcolm talks to the DA. The shipping company offered Doug $600,000 in "hush money" which Doug turned down because he wants to see the company held responsible for their actions. Malcolm tells her the justice she wants is in bringing down a company that broke the rules, not a single dad trying to raise his son. She can make the world a safer place by going after the company. "Think about it," he says. She does.

Beth and Dylan go to the tennis court give Hannah the good news about the board agreeing to pay for two years of her tuition. Hannah thanks them but... a big racket company wants to sponsor her to go pro and capitalize on the controversy. Dylan and Beth are confused, since getting Hannah back into school was what they were fighting for. Hannah doesn't want to go to a school where she's not accepted. If she goes pro, she'll have her pick of schools, and there are several other intersex players on the tour. She hugs Dylan and Beth, who wish her luck with a sigh.

Denouements: Hart congratulates Malcolm on the case. Malcolm was worried that Hart would be disappointed they didn't go for the money. "There are more important things than money," Hart says. Like a full head of luxuriant silver hair, for starters. Doug ended up with five years probation, drug counseling, and community service. The bottom line is he doesn't have to do time in jail and he gets to stay with his son. Dylan shows up in Susan's office with an offering of burgers. He hems and haws and then tells her that he's going to have to talk about the affair. "I want to do the right thing, but I don't want to say anything that would hurt you." I guess he's worried because Cliff lied to Susan about being the one who broke things off with Katie. Susan says not to spare her feelings. She's a big girl and he's an excellent attorney. Beth meets Liam for drinks. They chat about Beth's case. Hannah's boyfriend broke up with her because he couldn't take being the butt of jokes around school. "Sounds like a rat," Liam says. Beth scoffs and wonders how Liam would react if people suddenly started saying she was a man. Liam says he'd still be interested. "You'd still be you." Aw. They hold hands, which evolves cutely into a thumb war. The end.

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