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Cliff's office. Beth hands papers to a wheelchair-bound elderly gentleman named Mr. Douglas. As soon as he signs the papers, Mr. Ollerman will be the CEO of his company. Ollerman is Lassiter from Psych, yay! Douglas is impressed, as is Cliff, he watches while leaning against his desk. He has a totally distracting moose knuckle thing going on. Please keep your jacket buttoned or buy looser pants, Cliff.

Liam returns from the bris having forgotten to remove his yarmulke. He walks off the elevator just in time for Hart to introduce him to Rachel Blau, a pretty young thing who Hart explains is "head of a foundation seeking peaceful resolutions to the Mideast crisis." Good luck with that. She invites him to lunch to talk about legal representation, says something to him in Hebrew. "Shalom," she finishes as she disappears into the elevator. Liam and his perfect GPA see nothing odd about this. He goes off to brag to Beth, who swipes the yarmulke off his head and hands it to him. It finally dawns on him. He worries that Rachel only wants to meet with him because she thinks he's Jewish. Beth laughs, "What do you care?" Liam pouts about how he might screw anything that moves (because he's a horndog, get it?) but he's not a liar. So he truthfully tells Beth her skirt makes her look fat (it doesn't) and goes off in a snit.

Susan's office. Susan takes Addy to task for not doing what she's been told. Addy protests that Robert (who we haven't met or seen) has her doing something else, but Susan wants Addy to file her motion at the courthouse instead. Addy promises to do it, but first she has to... Susan cuts her off. For a few moments, she seems sympathetic to Addy. She was once like Addy, overworked and under-appreciated, wanting to prove herself to the partners. Addy takes what she sees as a bonding moment to get herself on Susan's asbestos case, but Susan finishes with, "And they didn't listen to me, either." In other words, pay your dues, guppy.

Courtroom. Dylan and Molly are arguing their case before the judge. On the other side of the aisle is the mother-in-law, Mrs. Graham, who's played by Kate Burton, who also played Meredith's awful mom on Grey's. Or at least she was awful in the two or three episodes I saw of her. Anyway, it's sort of prejudicing me against her character here. The judge, however, is not swayed as easily as I am, and finds in her favor. Court adjourned! Outside the courtroom, Mrs. Graham introduces herself to Dylan, telling him she doesn't take kindly to "public confrontation." At this point, Rowdy and Cliff are in an elevator on their way to somewhere else, but catch sight of Graham and Dylan. They gape at the confab. Grace Graham is apparently uber rich and Cliff wants her as a client. Rowdy senses a problem with that. Cliff smoothly says, "A problem is just an opportunity in work clothes." He eyes Graham sharkily.

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