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Law firm break room. Susan and Hart chitchat about Cliff not wanting to hand back the reigns of the company. Susan reminds him that Cliff has been in charge for three years and it'll take time for him to "power down." Hart scoffs, so Susan suggests he tests Cliff's limits. "Diplomatically," she says for emphasis. He looks grumpy at the prospect.

At the courthouse, Dylan and Molly are arguing. There's not much else he can do, he says, but she reminds him he promised he could do something. She tells him that she and her husband "moved heaven and earth" to have their son. Dylan naively tells her they'll do everything they can. At the same time, elsewhere in the courthouse, Cliff is telling Grace Graham that the case will be dropped. Rowdy watches all this with an odd expression of mixed chagrin, awe, and resign. Cliff gets out his phone to call Dylan off the case.

Fancy lunch with Rachel and the fake Jew. She's sneakily trying to find out his status by asking if his wife's found a good temple yet. He tries to confess the truth to her, but she has her own confession. Normally she doesn't trust lawyers, but she feels like they have a connection. He tries to tell her the truth again, to his credit, but she just keeps laying on the Jewish connection thing. It's the only thing she cares about in choosing a law firm, she tells him. He blurts out his own confession: "I love bacon." Tsk, tsk.

Law firm library. Katie the paralegal and Dylan are doing research when the naughty secretary from earlier comes in to tell Dylan that Cliff called him. Again. He tells her he can't talk to Cliff until he's found a solution. He asks Katie if there's any way to undo Molly's "lack of capacity." Katie sighs that this what she hates about the system: "The weaker party always gets exploited." She adds that she's in the same situation with her boyfriend, who she plans to break up with. Way to make it all about you, Katie. Dylan ignores that, though, and grabs onto the exploitation angle for Molly's case. Grace Graham is exploiting Molly and therefore causing the very thing she's objecting to. Or something. I think it means Mrs. Graham is making Molly crazy so that she can have her declared crazy.

Courthouse. Addy is trying to get inside to file that motion for Susan, but the metal detector keeps going off. The guards won't let her in, so all 90 pounds of her try to rush past the guards to get inside. They pick her up and her little legs run in place like a cartoon character's. She protests about her tininess. I swear she even squeaks like a mouse. Elsewhere in the courthouse, Dylan is having better luck. He persuades the judge to give his case another chance, citing the Judge's own past case history about justice needing a nudge.

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