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Swimming With Sharks

Law firm. Beth teases Liam about not telling the truth after claiming he never lies. He blusters about how he's doing it for the right reasons, since the firm can do so much good for her and thus the world. Beth says he's lying to himself now. "It's like watching a snake eat its own tail." Honey, if he could do that, he wouldn't spend nearly as much time chasing women. Addy walks in before Liam can come up with a snappy retort. She fills them in about how she was thrown in jail. She gets a text message from the mysterious Robert Craft. If she doesn't complete his brief by tomorrow, she'll be fired. She whimpers about how unfair it all is. Now she'll never be able to afford a new mouse hole. In contrast, Dylan walks in, all sunshine and smiles, having the best day of his life. He yammers on about how he almost screwed up and what a career killer it would be to get fired so soon. Addy shoots tiny daggers at him with her eyes. Commercials!

Nighttime. There's a rooftop pool and people swimming. Is this part of the office? Is it a bar? Addy and Beth are there, still wearing their work clothes. Addy is whining but Beth doesn't indulge her. The only one making Addy be a victim is Addy. "You invite abuse," she says. Addy protests weakly. Beth tells her not to look for a savior, because they don't exist. Naturally, Dylan shows up at this moment to tell them he got Susan's motion filed for Addy. Addy hugs him. Liam walks up and hands everyone drinks to celebrate. Dylan makes a lame attempt at introducing a special fist bump for the group but they wisely decide to abandon it.

Mr. Douglas's luxurious mansion, the next day. Beth has brought him those papers to sign. He's a bit blue about handing over the reigns of his company and unsure of his successor's, Mr. Ollerman's, intentions. He calls Beth "Joley," and reminisces about the time she broke a lamp in his study but immediately told the truth. Beth looks confused, then sick with realization that Mr. Douglas isn't quite all there. She asks one of the old man's assistants about it, who explains that Joley was the daughter he lost in a car crash some fifteen years ago.

Cliff's office. He's on the phone with someone who's clearly his mistress. He's going on about how he knows she can't wait forever and these things take time. He admits to caring for this mystery lady but won't quite admit he loves her. His secretary interrupts him and he nearly bites her fool head off. She scampers away. Is anyone going to surprised when the mistress's identity is revealed later?

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Deep End




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