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Law firm conference room. Dylan and Molly meet with Mrs. Graham and her lawyer. Dylan hands over the papers he expects Graham to sign, giving Molly back some of her dead husband's assets because the judge says she couldn't use Molly's son as leverage against her. Mrs. Graham's lawyer drops a bombshell on Dylan: Mrs. Graham was the surrogate mother for Molly's son. The lawyer calls Mrs. Graham the "gestational mother" and says the California courts might give her custody. Cliff walks by and sees these shenanigans going on. As Graham and her lawyer leave, Cliff orders Dylan to his office.

Meanwhile, Liam is visiting Rachel at her fancy hotel room. He's brought her a business plan and letter of engagement. I know what neither of these things are. She suggests they celebrate her hiring Sterling by sticking her tongue in his mouth. He stutters a few protests about how she's the client and all, but it's inappropriate. At this point, she sticks her hand down his pants. For a moment, she seems quite pleased with what she's found. But as her fingers explore a little more, she discovers the telltale man-sock of a gentile. Her lusty expression fades. Liam's eyes widen as he realizes his foreskin has given him away. Elsewhere, Beth is meeting Mr. Ollerman for a drink. She tells him Mr. Douglas might have Alzheimer's and thinks she's his daughter Joley. She wants to put the transition of power on hold until there's a medical exam. Ollerman is unsympathetic: "Don't tell the board." She protests, but Ollerman isn't moved.

Cliff's office. Dylan is getting chewed out for not catching the whole "grandma gives birth to her own grandson" thing coming. Cliff throws a stack of papers at him for emphasis. He breaks it down for the boy scout: Graham sits on the board of corporations that are clients of the firm. After he takes the grandson's deposition, he's to draw up a settlement that grants Graham custody of the boy. Dylan isn't sure he can do it, but Cliff says he'd better, or he'll make sure Dylan never practices law again. "Now leave before I set you on fire," Cliff says calmly. Heh.

Fountain outside the courthouse. Katie joins Dylan on a bench and tells him she's failed the bar exam. Again. Turns out she went to law school, about which I care not at all. She goes on about how she also just broke up with her boyfriend, about which I also do not care. Dylan is more sympathetic than I am, though. They smile and make goo-goo eyes at each other for a while until Dylan leaves to go take the grandson's deposition.

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