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Beth meets Tom Amandes at some sunny restaurant somewhere. I don't know the character's name yet, so we'll just call him Tom Amandes. He wonders if she's ready to join a real law firm yet. She scoffs pleasantly then asks for his advice about Mr. Douglas. Bottom line, she tells him she's having a crisis of conscience. "Screw your conscience," he tells her. She starts to protest, but he says it's always been a problem, her not being ruthless enough. He says he was hurt at first that she chose Sterling over his own firm, but now he realizes there's no place for her on his team. Yeesh, what a bitch. She calls him "Dad" and tells him he doesn't mean it. But he does mean it, then calls her weak and unreliable. "Just like your mother," he finishes, and leaves her to pay his tab. What a mega-bitch.

Kiddie pool. Dylan shows Rowdy the motion for granting Mrs. Graham custody. Rowdy barely glances at it before dropping it into the trash. Dylan is confused, so Rowdy explains it: "You cannot take that child away from his mother." Aww, for a guy who seems like a bantam rooster with a bad haircut and douchey musical tastes, he's all right. Dylan argues that it's what Cliff wants, but Rowdy's had his "come to Jesus" moment and wants to know what Dylan knows to be true. Dylan knows he has to get Molly custody of her son or he won't be able to live with himself. Rowdy almost loses me again with he platitudes about a man not choosing a moment but a moment choosing a man. Luckily, we go to commercials before I can think too much about how corny that is.

Conference room. Molly, Cliff, and Dylan are meeting with Mrs. Graham and her lawyer. Cliff still has no idea what Dylan has planned. Dylan legal-babbles something about Mrs. Graham signing a "pre-birth order" that lists Molly as the mother, effectively acknowledging that Molly is the boy's true mother. Molly didn't know about it, but Mrs. Graham did, and she concealed it in order to get custody. Mrs. Graham looks stricken. She desperately explains that when she lost her son, she lost everything. She thought if she gave Molly the money, she would leave, too. Say what? Molly looks sympathetic. I feel confused. Oh well. They hold hands across the table. Cliff seems marginally pleased, or at least not liable to set Dylan on fire in the immediate future.

The weird office/club place with the pool. A fully-clothed Dylan is thrown into the pool for no reason other than to create that shot they used in the promos all the time. He clambers out to find Liam and Rowdy crowing about how they "dropped [him] in the deep end!" Addy shows up in a sexy new dress, which impresses the guys. Rowdy goes so far as to slap her on the butt and announce, "You got a porch to go with that swing!" Instead of reporting him for harassment, she laughs and joins in the group celebration. But one by one, they start to leave. First Rowdy goes off to chase a skirt, then Liam leaves to await his fate, having confessed his lie. Then Addy leaves to go meet Susan for some ridiculously expensive pizza, but not before she and Dylan decide they're supposed to both love and hate their jobs.

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Deep End




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