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Later, Addy gets a call from Jason, who says he just got them tickets to the next night's Ice Capades. Addy makes an excuse about being busy with work and tells him he should go by himself. He's confused, but makes plans to at least see her for dinner. "Yeah, hopefully," she tells him. Aw, poor Jason. Addy finds Dylan in the break room and asks him if she's a bad person. "I think you're one of the kindest people I know," he says. She doesn't want to talk about it, so to change the subject, he shows her his tux. Dylan goes on about what a suave and debonair little chipmunk he is, but admits he has no idea how to knot his fancy bowtie. Liam stops by for a snack and Addy recruits him to help with Dylan with his tie. Dylan takes the opportunity to tease Liam. "So who are you taking to the party?" "Your mother," Liam snarks, and stomps off. Dylan and Addy revel in the humor. In Susan's office, Hart has just presented the damsel in distress with what I believe even Crocodile Dundee would admit is a very impressive knife. Susan laughs. "Well, you need to be able to protect yourself and I know you don't like guns," Hart says. Cliff walks into the office at this point and sees Susan holding the knife aloft. His testicles shrink to mere raisins. Susan puts away the knife. Cliff has a gift for her, too: A deep purple velvet dress with a puff of ostrich feathers on one shoulder that would drive me batshit insane all night thinking I had spiders tickling me. Susan is thrilled. Hart admits as to how the dress is a much nicer gift than the knife. "Well, not if you want to kill a bear," Susan offers. "That could kill a bear," Hart says. Heh.

Addy and Malcolm meet with lawyers from Mia's insurance company, who are even slimier than the lawyers from the bus company. Addy threatens to call the L.A. Times but this one nerdy little lawyer just scoffs. They're used to bad press. Addy: "So that's your comeback? Everyone expects you to be jackasses?" Malcolm can barely suppress a smile in response. The insurance company remains steadfast in their money-grubbing jackass ways. Meanwhile, Beth and Dylan return to the courthouse to finalize Charlie's deal with the ADA, only to be told that the deal is now "off the table." The girlfriend's parents have found her naked picture all over the Internet, which means Charlie must have sent it to someone. Dylan insists Charlie's a good kid, but the ADA doesn't budge. The charges have been upped to distribution of child pornography, which carries a minimum sentence of thirty years. Beth and Dylan trade troubled looks.

Malcolm and Liam walk through the firm's halls, legal-babbling some of Malcolm's possible plans of attack with the insurance company. In summation, Malcolm is screwed. Liam changes the subject none too subtly. "So who are you bringing to the party?" Malcolm teases that he decided not to bring a date because he didn't want to subject any ladies to an evening with Liam. Addy interrupts their male posturing with some possible good news, saying that the subrogation clause isn't even in Mia's policy. The insurance company must have changed the policy without Mia's consent. Addy's so thrilled she actually jumps up and down.

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Deep End




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