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Beth and Dylan go to Charlie's school and tell him the phone records show the picture was sent from his phone to another boy. Charlie denies it. He's worried about going to jail. Dylan promises to track down this other boy and talk to him. Returning to the firm, Beth invites Addy to lunch. She also sees Addy's party dress in a dry-cleaning bag and winces. Beth changes their plans -- instead of lunch, they'll now be going shopping. Addy protests weakly, but Beth drags her off to a shop somewhere on Rodeo Drive. Beth tries on a metallic beige dress that Addy thinks is fabulous, but I think it looks like a bridesmaid dress. Beth plans to buy the dress, which means she can loan one of her own dresses to Addy. What a sucky shopping trip this turned out to be for Addy. "Does Jason have a tux?" Beth asks. Addy says Jason's not going to the party and blurts out that they shouldn't be getting married, either. Then why did she accept his proposal? "It was always part of the plan," Addy says. She plans to just ignore the problem until it goes away. That'll work out well.

In a world where people can win settlements, be sued, and have a hearing all in the span of a few hours, Addy and Malcolm face down the insurance company in the courtroom. The judge points out that Mia didn't object to any of the other changes to her policy. Addy protests those were minor changes. Had Mia known about the subrogation clause, she might have opted to switch to her husband's insurance. The judge asks Mia if she ever made an effort to switch. Mia has to admit she didn't. The judge finds in favor of the insurance company, although she's not especially happy to do so. Commercials!

Beth and Dylan return to the school where Charlie and his girlfriend are chatting on the lawn. Charlie introduces them. "I recognize you from your photo," Beth snarks with uncharacteristic coldness. The girlfriend looks down. Beth gives the girl a chance to explain: She's the one who took Charlie's phone and sent the picture to this other boy. She tries to explain she and Charlie were broken up that week, but Charlie is pissed. "You were just going to let me go to jail?" She hoped the problem would all go away. Charlie dumps her on the spot. On the upside, at least the charges against him will be dropped. The girl's worried about what her parents will think, but she's got even bigger problems: Dylan explains that in order to save Charlie, they have to tell the police she's the one who sent the picture. She could be brought up on child porn charges.

Hart, Addy, and Malcolm meet with Mia and Connor at the firm. Hart says what the insurance company is doing is unjust, but not illegal. He says Sterling will waive all its fees. Mia gets all fired up and says she doesn't want the insurance company to get the money. "I'd rather the bus company just keep it," she says. Everyone's confused. Mia explains that the bus driver made a mistake, but her insurance company is purposely screwing her over. This gives Addy an idea. Over in Beth's office, Dylan's getting an idea of his own. As he and Beth discuss fashion choices for the party (he prefers Beth's strappy heels over the open-toed snake skin pumps) he somehow comes up with a way to fix Charlie and the girlfriend's problems. He realizes that the teacher who picked up Charlie's phone went straight to the police and was therefore acting as an agent of the law. Charlie's phone was taken without a warrant. He and Beth grab their party clothes and race for the courthouse.

Still at the firm, Addy, now wearing a plum-colored strapless dress, finds Malcolm in his tuxedo. They're impressed with each other. She was looking for him to tell him the judge has an opening to hear them in twenty minutes, which means they'll be going to the courthouse in their party clothes. Speaking of which: At the party, the festivities are just getting under way. Cliff, seeing Susan in her spider-shoulder dress, is stunned. They flirt with each other, all their past problems seemingly forgotten.

At the courthouse, Beth and Dylan track down the ADA and put their plan into action. The ADA is hesitant, thinking that because minors were involved... Dylan cuts her off: "There were no exigent circumstances, so it was an illegal search and seizure in violation of the Fourth Amendment." The ADA is impressed and tells them to enjoy their party. They race off towards the elevator, passing Addy and Malcolm along the way. In the courtroom, the judge calls them "James Bond and Grace Kelly." Heh. Malcolm presents the settlement to the insurance company by handing them a single dollar bill. The insurance lawyers are like, "Buh?" Addy explains that the bus company restructured the settlement and paid Mia one dollar and paid Connor $499,999, for his "loss of consortium, emotional distress, etc." The insurance company protests, but the judge finalizes the settlement. "Don't spend it all in one place," Malcolm says to the opposing team. Addy asks Malcolm to drop her off at home on the way to the party. She's kept Jason waiting long enough.

She runs into Jason in the lobby of her apartment building which looks crazy nice. He almost passes her by, not recognizing her in her finery. She starts to explain about the party and then admits she lied to him. Jason thinks she's embarrassed by him, but she assures him that's not the case. The minute he sees the seriousness of her expression, he guesses she's breaking up with him. "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me," she tells him. She tearfully explains that she's growing into someone else, and even though she's scared, she has to see where that takes her. He wants to know why she didn't tell him before he came out to L.A., but she didn't know before she saw him. "I'm so sorry," she says. He looks down. Sadness.

Party. Beth and Dylan show up and are suitably awed by the scene before them. Beth is less awed when she sees Liam's choice of date for the evening, a lawyer named Francesca who works for Beth's dad. Beth drags Liam off for a chat, which leaves Francesca to flirt with Dylan. Liam insists he didn't choose Francesca to make Beth angry, but Beth's not buying it. They argue quietly at first, but end up shouting about how they're in love. Naturally, this is the moment that the music grows quiet, allowing the entire party to hear the declaration. The party-goers toast them. Rowdy throws his arms into the air and lets out a victorious, "WAHOO!" I'm gonna miss that crazy little matchmaker. Addy finally arrives at the party, looking glum until Malcolm hands her a glass of champagne. They walk into the crowd, arm in arm. They pass by Cliff, who's confabbing with a congressman and his wife. He gets a call on his cellphone and excuses himself. He goes out to the parking lot and approaches a man in a car. "You are an idiot," he says to the man. He scolds the man for leaving his cellphone in the house, which Cliff tosses to him through the car window. The man reminds Cliff that he's still due some money. He threatens to go to the cops and tell them Cliff had him break into the house. Dun, dun, DUN. Cliff's not afraid: "That'll end well for you." He goes back to the party and the burglar drives off.

Back inside the party, the mariachi band is striking up a festive tune. I guess Rowdy won. Yay! The associates are gathered together. Dylan says, "Even with all it took to get to this party, it was worth it." Rowdy toasts them as the finest first-years he has ever mentored. Then he promptly sends them back to the firm to work on an important case that's just come up. The associates think he's joking at first, but he shoos them off. This leaves him to entertain Francesca by himself, with the help of his mariachi band. Alas, since the show's been canceled, we'll never know what comes of the new case, or of Rowdy's flirtation with Francesca, nor shall we ever see Susan discover Cliff's plot and punish him in some painful and creative way. Thanks for reading.

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