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Kemosabe I'm Alone

Eddie: "It's about Irisa, actually. The idea that you would just give yourself up for her. I guess we were kind of even for a second, but now it's my turn again. She's nuts, she's gonna need you."
Nolan: "Yeah but you already did this once, and look what happened?"
Eddie: "Good thing I have zero fucks to give and hardcore explosives experience."
Nolan: "Eddie! I love you!"
Eddie: "I know, mister. See you at some other inconvenient time. Until then, just picture me blowing the fedora clean off this douchebag with the bomb powder I clearly have on me."


Mr. Birch, speaking of, sneaks into Quentin's personal space, and after tossing the house, tasers Quentin. He's got the Kaziri in his hands when Quentin comes to and immediately murders him. Ghost Luke is very into this. Quentin, on the other hand, seems conflicted.


Kenya: "Honey, you look like crap."
Nolan: "Quite a day. I could use some company. Apparently since you're in love with me."
Kenya: "Yeah, about that? You're fired."
Nolan: "From being your client? You already said that."
Kenya: "No, from being my anything."
Nolan: "I have never gotten dumped so many times in one hour. I should get drunk with my teenage daughter."

Something about the way she says "you're not my type" makes me wonder if this isn't also, at the end of the day, somehow about Hunter Bell. Like maybe her type is a bad thing, and Kenya is not exactly what we were sold. I trust the show and I love that character and this whole relationship, but Amanda seemed pretty into the idea. I hope it's more nuanced than it sounds, is all.


A lady sings "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?," which is about the calms before storms, but also what happens when it rains on a sunny day; when your bullshit gets exposed by the past coming back to haunt it. My grandfather always said that when it does that, it means it will rain at precisely the same time tomorrow. I liked that. The world trying to get things right, no matter how many times it takes.

So while Eddie considers blowing up the transport taking him to Vegas, and Amanda gets flowers from Connor Lang, and Quentin takes care of Mr. Birch's body, and Yewll takes care of Datak's paella problem -- You've probably seen the rain on a sunny day, but did you ever see an alien give another alien a colonic? -- Nolan sits his daughter down.

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