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Kemosabe I'm Alone

Nolan: "We are gonna have a toast. And then we're gonna talk about your uncle."
Irisa: "I don't have an uncle."
Nolan: "Yeah. You do."

She thinks he means she has an uncle -- yet another human that purports to love her, but only seems to want to control her -- but that's not what he means at all by uncle. As recently as this morning, that would have been what he meant, because he didn't have all the information, but now that word means something different.

Now, what it means is: Your father has a brother.


Speaking of the rain, sometimes in Defiance the coming storm is literal, and made of razors, so you have to stay indoors and fuck things up just with your own boredom and personality flaws. (But upon reflection, this isn't some kind of Pernese-analogue bullshit: It's shrapnel from the Ark ring. It's the war, never ending.) For Kenya, this means pissing Stahma off with some ill-advised feminism; for Amanda, getting pulled into E-Rep conferences she'd rather avoid; for Nolan, presumably, it means nothing at all because he is probably going to end up running around in the razors, because that is a very Nolan thing to end up doing. And it looks like we'll get to spend some time with Sukar, which is good. As long as he's okay, I mean.

JACOB CLIFTON is a freelance writer and critic based in Austin, Texas. He currently recaps Bates Motel and Defiance for TWoP. Jacob can be found online at, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as a regular column for, Geek Love.

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