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Kemosabe I'm Alone

Nolan: "You look grizzled and filthy. It really works on you."
Eddie: "Let's keep chattin' about how hot we both are until it gets weird."
Nolan: "Actually, let's chat about how come you're a bounty hunter now."
Eddie: "Because it is fabulous, and because look at my face."

Pol Madis: "Speaking of faces, I recognize your face."
Yewll: "Indogene faces are notable for how they are barely faces. I'm so sure."

Deputy Tommy: "So I just found out something interesting, which is that Pol Madis had that weird bomb on him -- they are called 'crystalline drop-blasts,' because why not -- because he is the inventor of them."
Nolan: "That's funny, because I just got a download on him from this bounty hunter here and he didn't mention that."
Eddie: "Yes, he is a famous weapons designer. But I didn't lie, he's also a psycho pyro."
Nolan: "But he invented also 'chemo-tracts,' a thing that killed half our unit!"
Eddie: "I know, that's the other reason I am hunting him. So he can be prosecuted for war crimes. That, and very much money."


Eddie: "Like you're perfect. Remember that thing you did in a video game?"
Nolan: "Yeah, but eventually that thing I got in the video game got mugged off me."
Eddie: "Spirit Riders! God, I hate Iraths."

He pronounces it good and racist, like "eye-talian." Irisa is unimpressed. Oh, and he calls Nolan "No-man," like no-mans-land, but it means something we will find out later.

Eddie: "Is this Irisa? Noman!"
Nolan: "Honey this is your Uncle Eddie? We were in the Ninth together?"
Irisa: "I have been going through a lot lately, sorry. But your racist vibe is helpful in getting me up to speed."
Eddie: "I thought you were the coolest baby. You tried to bite my finger off."

Eddie: "So how is that you still are her dad, a decade later?"
Nolan: "Uh, because she is my favorite?"

Nolan: "So the reason that you need to let me have this huge bounty, that you're not even being honest about, is because we love this town and he blew up some of this town."
Eddie: "Do you not understand how money works?"
Nolan: "Well, here is some money then."
Eddie: "Fine. I will spend it on prostitution."

Kenya: "Did somebody say prosti... Oh. Nolan, hi."

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