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Kemosabe I'm Alone

Nolan: "This is Uncle Eddie. You can sleep with him if you want."
Kenya: "Would that be weird?"
Eddie: "No, weird is if all three of us did it. Right? Like wouldn't that be so weird? What a riot! A threesome would be a total gas, don't you think? Hey, apropos of nothing, I've suddenly just got an idea out of the blue. Stay with me here..."
Nolan: "Eddie, God knows I've missed having threesomes with you..."
Kenya: "Don't you fucking dare, Jeb Nolan."
Nolan: "...But um, not this time. Sorry."
Kenya: "Well, now it is weird. You made it weird."
Nolan: "Nah. Go for it. It's your job, and I respect you and the bizarre boundaries you've placed around our relationship. Plus I owe you for when you find out I'm in love with your sister, a thing I myself do not yet know. And doubleplus, look at him."


Kenya, immediately: "Oh, you know what? I can't do this."
Eddie: "Because he's my bro? Or because he made it weird."
Kenya: "No, don't be silly. It's for other reasons. That I don't feel like making up right now. Instead, here are some random hoes. Let them show you a thing called 'the six-legged monkey crawl.' You have to sign a release waiver first, but trust me when I say it's worth it."


Nolan: "Can't you just give me this one war criminal? Be a pal?"
Amanda: "No way. Earth Republic finally wants something that is mine to give and doesn't threaten our town in any way, which is a first. I want my goddamn railroad, have you not been listening all season?"
Nolan: "Extradition takes forever! You could be out of office by then. This way, he's on the first truck out of town, E-Rep gets him even faster, and you buy yourself more goodwill."
Amanda: "Yeah, and your boyfriend gets the bounty."
Nolan: "So? The reward just guarantees he'll follow through."
Amanda: "And you get a kickback, I'm sure."
Nolan: "That's hurtful."
Amanda: "But this guy is like a scavenger..."
Nolan: "Uh, just like me? Listen, I love him. We are bros, we went through hell together. Kind of like you and me. And how we are bros."


With Mr. Birch watching from down the aisle, Nicky Riordan approaches Quentin, who is reading maps all by himself.

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