Down In The Ground Where The Dead Men Go

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Christie: "I'm sorry I avoided you at Luke's funeral. We need to stick together."
Rafe: "Oh you mean like by marrying a haint? That kind of sticking together?"
Christie: "First of all, that's racist. And second of all, yes."
Rafe: "But what about my butthurt dad feelings about a Casti putting alien hands on your body?"
Christie: "Also not appropriate. Pull it together."
Rafe: "Do you think Luke would want this?"
Christie: "Probably not, because he inherited your racism, but his ass is dead. And I'm getting married either way."

Rafe's bitching gets her to reconsider the haste with which she's getting married, but Quentin's soft supportive counsel -- seems Christie's been holding everybody together since Mrs. McCawley died -- also gets Rafe to reconsider the Luke situation: Why exactly was he involved in the Volge plot, along with an Indogene traitor? This conversation is cut short by a call from the mines: There's been an explosion.


So Ben, a known saboteur, is missing, and now the mines are blowing up. Interesting coincidence. After Ywell explains about the combat meds, everybody heads over to the mines to check it out. Already, Rafe is coming off a lot better than he did in the pilot, and not just because his son's now been dead for a day or two: The layers are starting to show.

Rafe: "Oh hey, Amanda. Your buddy Ben beat up one of my guards and stole a bunch of Gulanite and went underground, blowing out shafts behind him. My son's murderer just blew up my job. I kind of feel personally injured by you right now."
Nolan: "You guys are saying that St. Louis got covered up by a mountain and it's still down there? That's eerie. But in terms of my job as Sheriff, I feel like I should be pointing out that Ben could have easily just left town since the stasis net is still down from yesterday."
Rafe: "Good point. And it only would have taken two of his 20 stolen kilos to blow the tunnel... He could make a bomb, but not big enough to take us down."
Amanda: "Whatever he's planning, I still need him alive to explain the Volge thing."

Rafe knows of an alternate route down to the area he calls the Rat's Nest, but of course nobody's letting him go find Ben alone, so they put together a new posse with Nolan at the head. Once again, Rafe questions Nolan's real-life experience, and once again Nolan has some probably made-up story about how he is good at everything there is. As seems to be the trend with Rafe, everybody's pretty sure he's going to kill the shit out of Ben Daris, but they just hope for the best.

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