Down In The Ground Where The Dead Men Go

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As We Are

Nolan: "Meanwhile, Irisa? Please don't impinge on the Casti right to assemble and/or practice their religion."
Irisa: "I give myself five minutes before that starts looking boring. Also, please don't do this. You keep risking your life for these worthless people."
Nolan: "They're not worthless, and you know it, but I promise to be careful. You help Tommy figure out who sprung Ben, that should keep you busy."
Irisa: "I'm a multitasker."


Again with the naked Tarrs being creepy with their million ladies-in-waiting. Does Stahma look a lot more beautiful this week? I think maybe they chilled out on her makeup. I like it when they do that, like, start the show with the people looking crazy and then scale it back once you've accepted that aliens are real. I wish they'd do something with Datak, though, because I remember him being pretty hot (if unmanageable) on Doctor Who, but here he still looks like somebody trying to frighten Scrooge.

Stahma: "So the public torture, um. You know, the humans find that a little unseemly. By which I mean, your low-class act is a little tough for me to take sometimes."
Datak: "First of all, you love it. And second of all, I'm not trying to impress a bunch of humans."
Stahma: "I do love it. Nothing better than when we both eat the same strand of spaghetti from opposite ends and then kiss. But you know, it's hard to fetishize your sociopathy when it's tacky and damages our position in society."
Datak: "I am kind of the boss of everything, though. So I can do whatever I want."
Stahma: "True! But the thing is, today isn't really the best day for it, because we're trying to marry our son to a human so that we can be in charge of everything. Which means humans not finding us disgusting is -- momentarily! -- a priority."

They discuss half of their Lady & The Tramp thing, which we didn't hear about last week but makes a lot of their stuff make more sense. He's like a loud Baratheon and she's over here with her Princess Diana thing like, she loves him, but she also knows he's a blunt instrument that gets in his own way. But her final point is actually a huge, huge deal about the show in general, which is that until Arkfall he was at the mercy of these Castithan traditions, his whole life was an intro to anarchy, and so it's kind of silly -- or at least painfully obvious -- that now he's the main person agitating to keep their irrelevant traditions and hierarchies alive.

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