Goodbye, Blue Sky

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Fivi Wayo Nggo, Sho Me Yete?

Nicky: "Don't you think it'll be helpful in the murder investigation?"
Rafe: "Fine. I killed Birch. You were right the whole time. Moral of the story is, don't trespass in the McCawley house. That's what happens when you threaten my family."
Nicky: "See, until you said that I thought you did. But you'd never admit to it unless you were covering up for somebody else. Protecting your family."

She starts screaming, up into the house.

Nicky: "Quentin!"
Rafe: "Shut up, you old..."
Nicky: "Quentin, if you really want to know what happened to your mother, come and see me!"
Rafe: "Next time, you die. Get the fuck."
Nicky: "Hey, look at my cut finger. How weird. Got a bandage?"
Rafe: "Give me that pillow and take your cut finger and shove it up your ass, old lady."

Quentin: "What's this about Mom?"
Rafe: "Don't worry about it. Underscore, Nicky Riordan is the worst. Stay away from her."
Quentin: "Okay. I will be doing the opposite of that, obviously."

All we've ever seen her with, though, is Birch. It's not like the Blue Devil guys where Ulysses was connected to all those different people: She only had Birch. So when he goes to her, I wonder what she will do to get him on her side. How bad is the Pilar part going to get?


Alak's just about convinced Christie and himself that he's going to stand up to the Tarrs about the bathing ritual -- weirdly, he seems to think Datak will take it better than Stahma -- when Sukar and Irisa, arrive for the last act of their mayhem.

Sukar: "Out."
Alak: "Um, the Mayor said..."
Irisa, bitten off, efficient: "Get out before you get hurt."
Alak: "Roger."


Tommy's breathing on his own and Yewll's explaining that Sukar took her "Ark-Brain Interface" -- a repurposed Arkfall module that lets her talk to her medical equipment, obviously -- when Nolan notices the radio's gone dead.

Nolan: "Could Sukar hook up that gizmo he stole to the radio equipment in the Arch?"
Yewll: "Yeah. It's a powerful transmitter, and the Arch is a good antenna. But if Sukar's sending a signal into space... Shtako, there's an Ark fragment at the top of the storm. He's connecting to its propulsion systems. Thrusters already online. And the ship's on course for Defiance."

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