Goodbye, Blue Sky

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Fivi Wayo Nggo, Sho Me Yete?


Sukar's in a coma, Yewll explains, and he's not coming out of it. But that's not all: He was being driven. He didn't die, when he died, in her dream, but he isn't coming back.

"It wasn't an Irathient God, it was a bunch of microscopic robots. Nanites. The fragment that impaled Sukar was a piece of AI, aware that a big chunk of Ark had fallen out of orbit and was on a collision course with the town. So it acted on its primary mandate, to preserve Votan life, by taking over Sukar's body. Nanites went out, to repair the tissue damage and keep his body moving long enough to put together that device."

Irisa: "So, tiny robots. They'll fix what's wrong with him now."
Yewll: "They went dormant when the threat was finished."

Sukar dies a third time. His brain shut down, his spine severed -- gyagbe and gyargye no longer seats of anything real -- means he's gone. Irisa flips out, of course she flips out. She had him, he was gone, she had him, he was gone. Even when he didn't make sense, he made more sense than anything else. She speaks out of anger, which Yewll doesn't understand but which makes Nolan choke up again;

Irisa: "If you're so smart, can you explain my visions?"
Yewll: "Well it wasn't because of some ooga-booga Irathient God..."
Nolan: "Doc, enough. We have to think of Sukar now, kiddo. The Doc has drugs that'll help ease his passing, help him on to Irzu's path..."
Irisa: "Like you even believe in God. Like you even believe in anything. I swear I will cut you both, if you touch him."

Yewll's still confused -- like honestly, she seems not to understand what's happening -- so Nolan guides her out of the room altogether. Little Wolf, little weapon: She needs time.


Kenya brings tea back to bed, brewed carefully. Stahma breathes it in. "It's nice. Having a secret." Something just for her.

Kenya: "Can you imagine? If Datak could see us right now?"
Stahma: "No, girl. Listen carefully. If my husband found out we've been together, he'd kill us both. Without hesitation, or mercy."

Their love burns hot, she means. She killed a man for it, once. She knows what she is. Kenya knows what to say -- "His loss! I would've given him the two-for-one deal" -- and they laugh, and kiss. But just imagine:

"Your wife is so wonderful. Thank you so much for agreeing to share her."

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