Goodbye, Blue Sky

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Fivi Wayo Nggo, Sho Me Yete?

Christie: "Did you just hang up on the Mayor?"
Alak: "She was giving me attitude."

First of all, nice to see Alak developing in new ways that complement what we already know: The kid who has learned everything from Stahma Tarr about the proper way to defy his father clearly has no fear of a ranting Mayor Rosewater, which would piss me off personally if he weren't so purely this way all the time. But moreso, this whole mid-'90s thing with Amanda always throws me off -- REM, Hole -- but then I thought about it and she seems like the kind of dork that would be into oldies. Like how the best nerds you know really love the Beatles. Her mom seemed like the type that would make her kids listen to Hole, like, all the time. Helps explain Kenya for sure.

But then also, I had to step back from my hatred of nostalgia and generally the '90s and think about it. They probably can't afford to actually play the song, and it would strike a gross tone if they did, but just the name is enough, because it's the most Amanda Rosewater song of all time, and thinking about her makes me like it a little more: Meet me in the crowd: People, people... / Take it into town... / Everyone around: Love them, love them / Put it in your hands... / There's no time to cry. And I think too maybe it is a prophecy: Put it in the ground / Where the flowers grow... / Put it in your heart / Where tomorrow shines / Gold and silver shine.

Christie: "So your mom told me I have to take a bath with your family?"
Alak: "Yeah, it's a newlywed thing. Very stupid. Old things are stupid."
Christie: "Okay, but like on the non-philosophical plane I'm talking about getting naked with your dad. Problem."
Alak: "It's a high-liro thing. Any sudden Datak boners would be resulting from his class issues, not from your repulsive naked human body. I assure you of that. Also, there is a kind of Princess Leia outfit you wear so it's not like naked-naked."
Christie: "Yeah, that makes it worse? You didn't think I would be weirded out by this?"
Alak: "It's twenty minutes of hot-tubbing. Have you seen Game Of Thrones? As wedding night customs go..."


Nolan: "On the upside, rainproofing the school roof earned me a kiss on the lips from the principal. On the downside, it was a Liberata and maybe not a lady. On balance, though, who doesn't like a little action after a hard day's work."

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