I Just Wasn't Made For These Times

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Where Tenderness Leads

Connor: "Holy shit!"
Amanda: "Rafe's already got man-crush dibs. Pull it together."
Connor: "This is a smoking gun. We can use this against the Votanis Collective..."
Amanda: "Who do you think you're talking to? The Mayor of where?"
Connor: "They're about to clinch a major strategic alliance. If it gets out that the Votans abducted the Bravery Nine..."
Nolan: "Seriously, back off. You are not invited to this party."

They take Gordon to the McCawleys', but it would be nearly impossible to explain across this divide: Connor wants to use McClintock because the Bravery Nine were the last heroes we ever got to have, which is exactly why it's profane.


Several little scenes in a row, as it gets later and later:

Rafe: "Gordon McClintock! In my house!"
McClintock: "These clothes fit me perfectly... like I was made for them."

It's because they're Luke's. You're already so much more than a hero. And nobody's going to tell you, even if they can see what's happening -- it's obvious -- because there are levels on which Rafe needs this that overrule any other concern.

Rafe: "They wrote a whole book about you!"
Nolan: "Remember the movie? The spacewalk lasso..."
Rafe: "We all wanted to be astronauts, just like you. Tell us the real story."

"Well, that crazy Russian almost got us all killed! You know, by the time I got my spacesuit on, Borovsky'd drifted out over three klicks. Had to put on an old Russian MMU ["A Manual Maneuvering Unit," Rafe explains to Amanda, heartbreakingly excited] and about two klicks out, the thrusters failed, and I couldn't see the station anymore. I was just drifting in space. It was terrifying and beautiful. I looked out over the curve of the Earth, imagined it was my wife's face, and I finally got those thrusters working again..."

The boys breathe in the romance of it. Amanda is quiet. Nobody's drunk enough to talk about why they didn't grow up to be astronauts, yet, but they're all thinking about it. He came back and the sky was just gone; there is not a place for him, literally, in the world he found.

Gordon: "Okay, so who played me in the movie?"
Rafe: "...Robert Pattinson."
Gordon: "Twilight? That is insane! Which one was he, the vampire or the werewolf?"

The boys look at her, as if they can't remember.

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