I Just Wasn't Made For These Times

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Where Tenderness Leads

Amanda: "Oh, because I'm the girl? Fuck you. And yeah, fine, he was the vampire."
Nolan: "You had his poster on your bedroom wall! I know it!"
Amanda: "I plead the Fifth."
Rafe: "Remember the Fifth?"

They raise glasses to the Fifth. Another saying hollowed out, like "penny for your thoughts." It gets later, and later. Amanda crashes out on the couch, against Nolan; they are easy together by now.

Gordon: "So is Alabama still... there?"
Nolan: "We don't have states, but the place is there."
Gordon: "But I can go there?"
Rafe: "No planes, so it takes longer. But I can help find your wife. I have connections. Ixnay in front of the ayor-may."
Gordon: "Why don't you fly planes?"
The Future: "We don't trust the sky. Radiation, debris, the occasional Manchurian astronaut..."
Amanda: "You can't get more than 400 feet off the ground."
Rafe: "Instead, we go down. I'm a miner..."

Rafe excitedly busts out a picture album of his favorite holes. He could be ten years old.

Rafe: "Look at that vista! That's Lake Nothing, it's one of my favorites."
Gordon: "That is... beautiful. It reminds me of space."
Rafe: "I'll take you there tomorrow! You guys, let's all go!"
Nolan: "Sounds good."
Amanda: "Mrffrmrr."
Rafe: "So... you guys are staying here tonight, it's too late and we are drunk."

You know what he's going to say before he says it, but that doesn't make it less sad, or less large: "You can stay in my son Luke's room. Best one in the house."


When Datak gets home, Stahma's in the bathtub alone, remembering her last session with Kenya in great detail. Casti biology is not human biology, so technically it doesn't look to us like she's doing what she's doing, but she is most assuredly doing what you think she's doing. Enjoying it mightily, from what you can tell.

Stahma: "Uh, nothing?"
Datak: "Castithan women do not bathe alone! We are sick inside, some ways!"
Stahma: "I thought you were out. At the Need/Want."

This last not really as an indictment, more as a distraction, but it works.

Datak: "Kenya Rosewater refused me as a client! Can you believe it?"
Stahma: "You came home to bitch at your wife about complications with your prostitute, and I'm the asshole? Do go on."

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