I Just Wasn't Made For These Times

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Where Tenderness Leads

Datak: "I will probably not murder her, but she should be maimed, I think. Or skinned, I can have that homo Skevur go over there and..."
Stahma: "Let's not do that, okay? How about you get over and have a bath with me instead."
Datak: "I do like baths. And I am awfully horny. And you are in it to win it."


Gordon makes it through much of his first night on Earth, but eventually the dreams come and he wakes up knowing what he has to do. It's only because Nolan's in the house that Amanda survives at all. Later, they come to round him up, and he's ashamed and scared to death. Nobody can look him in the eye except Rafe.

McClintock: "Thank you for stopping me, though..."
Rafe: "You hesitated, I saw it!"
McClintock: "That's sporting of you to say. But something is clearly going on."


They take Amanda to the doctor, but she sends Nolan out immediately so he's left in the hallway with Connor and a million questions. They get into a very desperate, basically sweet competition of "who can be more worried about Amanda," which Nolan will always win because -- while he doesn't care about very many things -- there is nothing about him that is a performance. They burned all that off a long time ago.

Nolan: "Not to mention your employers tried to kill her a few weeks ago, so how worried can you be?"
Connor: "You mean the Volge attack, not the Tennety thing, right?"
Nolan: "I don't know about the Kaziri, and you're interested in getting Amanda and the rest of us out of town just like the Birch Gang, so yes. I'm wrong, but yes."
Connor: "I honestly don't have anything to do with that. I care about Amanda."
Nolan: "Yeah, well. We both do that, at least."


Nolan: "What's he saying?"
Irisa: "Nothing, he's in pain. Turns out he has an entire self he doesn't know about, capable of dreadful destruction and nobody warned him."
Nolan: "I hope 'he' is able to work through that soon, maybe talk to somebody."
Irisa: "He knows inside himself that he doesn't belong here. Anywhere."

A weapon that doesn't know what to do with itself. A finely honed blade so at peace a butterfly could balance on the tip, and now: She's like a beast in a cage, bouncing off the walls.

Nolan: "Look, I'm sorry about Sukar..."

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