I Just Wasn't Made For These Times

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Where Tenderness Leads

Irisa: "I know. Doesn't help."
Nolan: "Do you really think you don't belong anywhere?"
Irisa: "Sukar made me feel like I did."
Nolan: "You have a home. You always did. Me."
Irisa: "I know you honestly think that, and most of the shit you do is about trying to show me that. But I think we'd both be a lot less exhausted if you gave up."

Commander Gordon McClintock begins hurling himself at the bricks -- back and forth across the cell -- until he's unconscious. It's scary to watch, and they can't do anything. But most importantly, once he's down and they can get inside to deal with him, the blood smeared across his face is Indogene silver.

The saddest part is thinking about how much they could have talked each other through it, spending the whole day in silence. He didn't know what he was, of course, but she could have helped: The Little Wolf and the human-shaped bullet.

(I thought about it for so long that I still have to remind myself it never actually happened: That Dawn Summers would be the best -- the only -- person to walk Spike through his identity crisis, when he learned he only died in the first place because Halfrek wanted him to be happy, and knew killing William was the only way he ever could.)


Nolan attacks the doctor pretty much instantly, because she was the one that checked him out: She knew he wasn't human and lied about it. Which again, put Amanda in danger, but also means that one of the few people in Defiance that you have to trust can't be trusted, which hurts almost as much. When your body is your job, the person who fixes your body and those of the people you love needs to be above suspicion.

Yewll: "Fine, yes. We did recon before we made contact, of course we did. We weren't expecting anybody here and we didn't know what you'd do, so yes. And one of those programs was a worst-case scenario, infiltration and assassination..."
Nolan: "An alien assassin in the shape of a human hero?"
Yewll: "All-access hero. Presidents, Prime Ministers, Defense Secretaries..."
Nolan: "Mayors."
Yewll: "It's not like the program got very far, he's clearly just a prototype. Silver blood, for starters..."

McClintock: "With all due respect, I think you're confused. Look at me, I am Gordon McClintock. I remember being a kid. I cried for a week when my dog Beckett died. I spilled soda on a complete stranger in a movie theater, and a year later I asked her to marry me..."

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