I Just Wasn't Made For These Times

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Where Tenderness Leads

Yewll: "What did her perfume smell like? Your favorite food, how'd that taste?"

He can't remember. Seeming is not always Being. Meh feels sorry for him; it's an odd look on her.

Gordon: "So if I can't remember my Indogene life, and I'm... where's the real me?"
Yewll: "The process killed him. Extracting memories destroys the subject's brain... I am sorry. About your situation."
Amanda: "But why keep the secret?"
Yewll: "Besides covering my own ass, which you still don't get? Things are bad enough. Finding out the VC kidnapped human space heroes would..."
Connor: "Guess we'll find out, huh? You're comin' with me to the Big Apple, bitch."

Gordon flips out, not because he's obviously a political chit now, but because he's still stuck on how he's two halves of a dead thing that can't remember the truth about anything. "Are you Americans?" was the first thing he asked and now look. He goes for Nolan first and takes his gun; shoves Amanda and Yewll out of the way, and then -- Nolan calling for his safety -- escapes. They regroup, shaken. One of his eyes has gone silvery.


Afterwards, Stahma presses cash into Kenya's hands.

Stahma: "Sooooo... Datak's very angry with you. Can I ask why?"
Kenya: "Uh, why what?"
Stahma: "Why you fired him as a client, obviously."
Kenya: "I know it hurts your feelings when he comes here. I can't stop him from making those choices, but I can opt out of being part of them."
Stahma: "That's very Defiant, and overwhelmingly American, but the opposite of marusha. Your feelings about yourself are not the most important thing here. The fact that we're having an affair and you made it look wicked suspicious is the problem here. What part of he is going to kill everybody did you not understand?"

Kenya: "What I understand is that you're in a bad marriage..."
Stahma: "Wrong, white lady. Don't project your shit on me."
Kenya: "Did I ever tell you about Hunter?"
Stahma: "The very definition of your baggage. Look, I love my husband. I know it bugs you that we act Castithan, but that's offensive to bitch about."
Kenya: "I am Daenerys Stormborn, Mother of Dragons!"
Stahma: "What you are is being a racist. Simmer down and pull your shit together, honey. If you're gonna play the game, you need to be smarter about it."

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