If I Ever Leave This World Alive

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Grateful Heart He's Gone Again


Connor: "Amanda, hey!"
Nolan: "Lang."
Connor: "Nolan. Hey."
Amanda: "Listen, how come there's an entire garrison outside my town all of a sudden?"
Connor: "I presume it's to keep this virus from taking over the continent? It went 2000 miles from SF to Defiance in a matter of days, they already killed the Rivers's Irath caravan, so now they just have to quarantine us."
Amanda: "And once every human's dead, they'll roll on in here and take my mines."
Connor: "Yep. And it's not like you can bust the barricade, because then you'd be killing all of North America."
Amanda: "There is always hope! We have to remind everybody!"

What she means is, Defiance is defined by hope, because hope is defiant by its nature. There's a trick to Pandora's Box: The thing at the bottom is hope, the last demon, because without hope none of the other things would hurt. You'd just die, if you didn't have that, and then nobody'd be around to suffer. It's cruel, it's the Gods's ultimate cruelty, but it's a gift too. And nobody knows that more than Amanda Rosewater, whose love for the ugly and hope for the hopeless has given every single one of these lost children purpose.

Nolan: "Man, I can't believe you let her get away."
Connor: "You would do well to know what the fuck you're talking about when you open your mouth. Hey, do you want to get drunk? Because we are all going to die. That whole hope thing..."
Nolan: "You're cute when you're nihilistic."


As luck would -- characteristically -- have it, Sukar's Spirit Riders were in town getting stuff (incl. for him in his coma) when this all went down. So now there's a whole mob of Casti (including Mr. Skevur) just throwing rocks at them. Like literal rocks, screaming racist shit at them. Deputy Irisa appears and tells all the Casti to cut it out, knocking down the one called Nizar -- the main one that held the gun on Nolan the day he killed Sukar -- before he can start shooting into the crowd. She chases them away and checks in with the band: Rathus, Nizar, and the shaman lady.

Rathus: "Sukar's still in a coma, right, so we were in town for medicine and stuff, and now the E-Rep is saying we can't leave town, the plague is here, and it's like, are we ever going to catch a fucking break?"
Irisa: "No. Let us pray about it, though."

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